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Earthquake Zone Emergency Living Units

Porpuse Of Use Earthquake Containers
Building Model New Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 22 Units of 3x7 Containers and Portable Toilet Cabins
Total Area 462 m2
Project Year 2011
Region To Be Used Van - Turkey
Completion Time Ready Concept Production
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Karmod's Special Container Living Units for Earthquake Zones

Continuing to heal the wounds of the earthquake that occurred in our city of Van, particularly in the Erciş district, on October 23, 2011, with a magnitude of 7.2, Karmod Konteyner has produced container emergency living units to provide solutions for the hardships faced by the residents in Van city center, Erciş district, and surrounding villages. Along with 22 container houses, other structures have been transported to Erciş district center and villages.

The emergency living containers, along with prefab houses, modular earthquake cabins, and WC-shower cabins, are among the structures that Karmod has specifically designed and manufactured for the earthquake zone.

1+1 Container Earthquake Houses

Karmod's emergency earthquake container has a 1+1 layout plan, including a toilet and shower unit. Manufactured as ready-to-use units, the specially designed container houses become instantly ready for occupancy upon placement. Electrical and plumbing installations are implemented and tested in the factory as part of the project, ensuring efficient delivery.

The ready-to-use container houses used as emergency living units after earthquakes stand out with their high insulation and a size of 21 m2, with dimensions of 300 x 700. They consist of 2 rooms, a sink, toilet, and shower, providing optimal accommodation for a family. Karmod produces emergency settlement container units in 3 different sizes and layouts, specifically designed for earthquake scenarios.

Karmod container houses create warm environments even on the coldest days, thanks to their high insulation. With their long lifespan, safety features, and insulation properties, they offer home comfort to those affected by earthquakes. Karmod Prefab also designed and manufactured 3 different practical and quickly installable prefab house models, specifically tailored to the harsh winter conditions in Van. These long-lasting prefab houses, which can be produced and installed in a short time, are now ready for use by the residents in the earthquake-stricken areas. With the bolted joint system technology used in Karmod container houses, residents can enjoy safe living for many years.

Another production of Karmod, the living cabins, offer new solutions with their high-insulation polyurethane sandwich panel "Emergency Settlement Units" and modular polyester cabins, designed to connect earthquake victims to life after the earthquake in Van. Considering the worsening winter conditions, temporary housing becomes even more crucial. Therefore, Karmod cabins meet the needs of emergency settlement units, with their 2-room, kitchenette, toilet, and shower units, occupying an area of 20 m2, in three different layouts according to the existing production schedule, providing warm temporary homes for earthquake victims.

Portable Toilet Cabins

Karmod offers fully ready-to-use portable toilets that are easily deployable in disaster areas. Karmod portable toilets are manufactured with toilet units, sinks, electrical installations, and water supply systems, providing complete functionality. As Turkey's largest toilet cabin manufacturer, Karmod is a sought-after brand for portable toilet cabins, known for its high production capacity and quality. Our portable toilet cabins are available in single and double models, and upon request, we can also manufacture units in 3, 4, and 5-unit configurations.

2011 Van Earthquake

The earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2, centered in the Erciş district of Van province, struck on October 23, 2011. The devastating 2011 Van Earthquake deeply saddened us all, resulting in the loss of 644 lives and leaving thousands injured. While the pain of this earthquake was still fresh, Van province experienced another earthquake on November 9, 2011, with a magnitude of 5.6. In this second earthquake, 40 more individuals lost their lives.

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