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Doraleh Port Terminal Building

Porpuse Of Use Terminal Security Office Building
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 1 Piece
Total Area 122 m²
Project Year 2016
Region To Be Used Balbala, Djibouti
Completion Time 5 Days
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We built the Doraleh Port Terminal Building

We have built a terminal office building at the Doraleh Port Terminal (Port of Doraleh), which is the most important port in Djibouti. The installation of the 122 m2 office building was completed in a short period of 5 days. The port, where the installation was carried out, is located in Balbala, the southern suburb of Djibouti, which is also the capital of the country. The multi-purpose prefabricated office building will have an important function at the Doraleh Port, which is a multifunctional hub. The security of the port operation will be provided by this office. The managers and personnel responsible for the security of the 4 km long quay of the port will be organized from this office.

Prefab office has easy and fast installation everywhere

The most significant advantage of the prefabricated building system is undoubtedly that the structures built with this system do not require building materials during installation. This is because prefabricated office structures are produced in modern facilities with all materials from steel carriers to walls, windows, and roofs. During production, electrical and plumbing materials to be used in the project are also prepared. Lighting and water fixtures such as faucets and taps are also prepared during production and included in the package. The painting equipment with the building's special coatings and interior and exterior paints is also ready to be sent from the factory.

The prefab office building prepared for Doraleh port operation was also produced and prepared using the same system. The office, which was designed in Karmod technical office in line with customer expectations, was made ready for shipment within days after approval. With the completion of the structures, the prefab office building loaded onto a sea container was transported from Istanbul to the port of Djibouti by sea transportation. Upon arrival at the port, the office was taken to the nearby installation point and the assembly process started on the same day with the team created under the supervision of the Karmod supervisor. The building, which was completed in 5 days, was put into use by the port security teams.

Doraleh Port Multi-Purpose Connection Point

Doraleh Port has a specially designed dock that spans an important distance of 4 kilometers and includes 15 different docks. The dock located at the western end of the port is allocated to the Chinese Navy, which has a base in the country. The port is also of great importance to neighboring Ethiopia, which has no coastline, as it provides transportation ease via a railway connection starting from the port. The Cibuti-Addis Ababa railway line passes through Doraleh Port. Transportation to Ethiopia is also possible through Doraleh from international ports, along with transportation to Cibuti.

Doraleh Port is an extension of the Djibouti Port located 5 km west of the capital city of Djibouti. The multipurpose port includes bulk cargo, container, petroleum, and livestock handling terminals. The Doraleh Port container terminal, partially operated by China Merchants Holding and DP World, was seized by the Djibouti government in February 2018.

The livestock terminal located within the port was opened in January 2021 in partnership with Ethiopia. The livestock terminal has a processing capacity of 2.5 million head of livestock per year. There are also areas within the terminal where animals can rest and receive quarantine services before transportation.

Doraleh Container Terminal was built by Dubai-based shipping company DP World in 2009 for a 30-year use period in accordance with the agreement signed with the government of Djibouti in 2006. The terminal, which has a depth of 18 meters, has a 1,050-meter-long quay and a capacity of 1.25 million TEUs. Next to SGTD's container terminal is the ENOC petroleum terminal. The Doraleh Petroleum terminal is designed to accommodate ships with a draft of 20 meters and is managed by Horizon Djibouti Terminal Limited (HDTL), an important economic player in Djibouti.

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