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Detached Duplex Villa with Garden

Porpuse Of Use Accommodation Home
Building Model Prefabricated Villa
Number Of Buildings 1 Piece
Region To Be Used Istanbul, Turkey
Completion Time 15 days
Currently 52 guests are viewing this project

Dream of the everyone living in a city is having a detached house in prefabricated villas quality. When “detached house” is said, somehow villages, rural living, forestlands are always come to mind. We think there can not be a detached house in a city. We can’t dream in one way or another. However, let’s remind ten or twenty years ago. Detached houses are covering to Istanbul’s all districts that have modern appearance but bore a person with its highness and denseness.

How good is those days! Life was different in those one or two storey houses that have villa building comfort, where both joy and pain are shared, where everyone knows and embrace each other. We have neighborhoods where every street lives like a family with one heart, friendship warms the neighbors even in winter, fragrances of honeysuckle and jasmine wind the streets from the gardens of detached houses with gardens in summers. Whoever had a wedding or a happy event, the whole neighborhood would flow there with enthusiasm. If it is a sad day of one of the neighbors, nobody use even tv in those days reverentially. We believe ourselves that there can not be a detached garden house in Istanbul anymore. But now it is possible to live villa building comfort in Istanbul again. Actually being a homeowner is not difficult at all. 

To have a detached ready house, all you need is having an average 300 square meters land. Leave the rest to Karmod expertise. You can have the steel construction villa that in two or three-bedroom detached house plan in average onyl one week. Also with the very economic prefab house price advantages. Karmod modular homes are being produced with the new generation house technology in every processes at modern facilities. All details from wall to roof, window to door, waterworks to electric wiring are being produced, installed and delivered ready for use by Karmod expertise.

As a person living in Istanbul, we always dream of a detached house with a garden surrounded by greenery. Despite its disturbing environment from traffic to crowds, we also know the difficulty of leaving Istanbul where we earn our keep. When that kind of thoughts are passing through in our mind, it is very easy to have a duplex ready house via Karmod ready houses without leaving Istanbul.

We completed the duplex ready housing project you see in this page at Istanbul Buyukbakkalkoy. It is in Istanbul but far away from the noise and chaos of the city, with the happiness.

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