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Customs Academy, Kebele, Azerbaijan

Porpuse Of Use Customs Academy Construction Site Buildings
Building Model New Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 38 Unit / 230x595
Total Area 532 m2
Project Year 2015
Region To Be Used Kebele, Azerbaijan
Completion Time 10 Days
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We Set Up the Construction Site Buildings of Azerbaijan Customs Academy

Karmod continues to undertake projects ranging from road construction, energy, and mining to healthcare and education structures. Among these projects, we have manufactured and installed the construction site buildings for Azerbaijan Customs Academy, which will provide services for academic education.

Our specialized construction site buildings for the education sector were constructed in Kebele, a city located in the northern part of the country. The construction site project utilized a completely modern container building system, including dormitory and dining hall buildings, project office building, and WC-shower units. A total of 38 container units measuring 230x595 were used for these buildings.

Structures That Enhance Construction Site Productivity and Provide Comfort

The design of the project, where Karmod's new generation container model is proposed, was entirely carried out by our project office. Karmod's new generation container buildings, utilizing the bolt-nut assembly with seamless technology, feature highly insulated sandwich panels in their wall and roof systems. These new generation structures provide home comfort in all seasons and offer superior advantages in enhancing construction site productivity. All employees staying in Karmod's construction site buildings experience invigorating comfort.

Dormitory, Dining Hall, and Office Group in University Construction Site Buildings

The construction site buildings for Azerbaijan, Kebele Customs Academy, including the dining hall, dormitory, and office buildings, were specifically prepared for this project. The university building construction team, consisting of 80 people, will utilize these prefabricated buildings. The buildings, which were pre-produced in Karmod's modern facilities in Istanbul, were transported to the project site in Kebele via road transportation. On the day of completion of the shipment, Karmod's professional installation team was present on-site and ready for assembly. The team began the installation on the same day, starting with the dormitory buildings consisting of 20 units. The project site office building was prepared by combining 8 units with a modular system. Subsequently, the installation of the construction site dining hall building was carried out by assembling 6 container units. Finally, the assembly of the WC-shower buildings, consisting of 4 separate structures, was completed. The WC-shower buildings have a total of 28 cabins, with 7 cabins in each building.

Advantages of Fully Dismantlable Bolt and Nut System in Karmod Construction Site Buildings

The installation of the construction site buildings, including the dining hall, dormitory, office, and WC-shower facilities, was completed by Karmod's professional team in just 10 days. The advantages of the new generation container buildings were utilized in the installation of these prefabricated structures, which were sent to the site with all the necessary materials. The dormitory buildings were designed to accommodate a team of 4 people in each unit, reflecting the expertise of Karmod in meeting international occupational health and safety standards. Regardless of the location, the new generation construction site buildings provide home comfort to workers, regardless of the weather conditions, ensuring their well-being. With its invigorating structure, these buildings enhance project efficiency.

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