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Sofular Village Resort Area Steel Construction House

Porpuse Of Use Housing
Building Model Steel House
Number Of Buildings 5 Buildings
Project Year 2021
Region To Be Used Istanbul, Turkey
Completion Time 7 days
Currently 82 guests are viewing this project

Two steel houses in one storey plan that have a high building quality against the factors like anearth quake were built in Sofular village that is holiday resort of Istanbul in Black sea. Every house that have long-life feature and produced with steel house technology has 82 square meters usage areas. Interior plan has two-bedroom ready house plan.

The story of these two cozy houses started with two friends work as jeweler in Istanbul. They wanted a house where they can rest with their families at weekends getting away from the busy and tiring atmosphere of the city. This house should be interwined with nature and also must have been so close like an hour to the district they live in Istanbul. Because they can not go to a farther place for one day.

The two friends that want to make their dreams come true with these feelings bought a land that is only 100 meters from the sea and located in Sofular Village of Sile. It was time to own a house that has villa building comfort and suitable for a summer house. They search for who can make this house for them. They want to built that house with reinforced concrete house model but they gave up because of earthquake safety concern and long construction period of the building model. They knew a good alternative, ready house model. They search the ready house manufacturers. They decided  by trusting Karmod house specialty.

Karmod sales office offer them the steel house providing earthquake safety and can be used cozily in long years.  They made clear their decisions. Then it was time for offering steel house size according to size of the land and can be pretty garden in the land. Two bedroom 82 square meters steel construction house was suitable for both the land and usage needs of the families and for a garden house according to land location. After the decision were made, 82 square meter two bedroom steel houses’ production started.  The ready houses whose production were completed in few days departed as demounted to be installed on the land in Sofular neighborhood. Installation of each ready house was lasted only ten days.

One of the prominent features of Sile ready house project is that building height is 2,80. Roof pitch was prepared as %40 pitched considering heavy snow load on the area in winter. Exterior coating of the steel house was stone pattern and special plasterboard coating application was made at the interior. Metal gutter-tiles were used different from prefab house production.

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