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Container School Project in the Capital City of France, Paris

Porpuse Of Use Chemistry Faculty Additional Service Building
Building Model New Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 6 Units (3x9 Containers)
Total Area 162 m2
Project Year 2020
Region To Be Used France, Paris
Completion Time 15 Days
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We Have Completed Our 3rd School Building Project İn France

We have constructed a supplementary building for the Chemistry Faculty at École Normale Supérieure, one of the oldest schools in France (a higher education institution in France).

Our rapid installation structures with high durability and building security for long-term use continue to be preferred in school projects in France. We had previously completed the construction of two school buildings in the country.

We have now erected our new school building for the ENSCR University, which has a rich history spanning almost 100 years and is located in Paris. The school building, prepared with our Next Generation Container building model, will be used to meet the classroom needs of the university's Chemistry Engineering Faculty. This two-story modular structure marks the third school building we have completed in France as Karmod.

A 6-Classroom School Building Was Completed And Made Operational İn 15 Days

We have prepared our supplementary building for the Chemistry Faculty using our new generation container building system. We manufactured the school structure in Turkey as fully demountable units measuring 3x9 meters and transported them to the country via road transportation. The two-story building, with a total of classrooms, has a size of 162 square meters. We completed the construction in just 15 days and made it ready for educational services.

All Materials Were Sent From Turkey

Like all our structures, we sourced and supplied all materials used in this school project from Turkey, ranging from motorized shutters to lighting fixtures. Our new generation container structures, with their full sandwich panel wall and roof system, provide insulation against heat and sound, making them particularly preferred in various fields such as housing, offices, healthcare, and education. Our structures, which are completely bolted and assembled with the advantages of the new generation system, are produced in a demountable package system and quickly assembled and made ready for use in the destination country. Our educational buildings are especially preferred for their environmentally friendly use of fully recyclable materials, long-lasting construction concept, and rapid installation that can be completed in very short periods.

The first school building we constructed in the country was the Simon Veil School building in Amilly. We completed the new school, which has 10 classrooms and a capacity of 200 students, in a record time of forty days after its old building became unusable due to flooding. The school, with a size of 1147 square meters, includes not only classrooms but also areas such as technology and computer workshops, music and visual arts workshops, library, and administrative rooms.

Another school we built prior to this project in France is the Leonardo da Vinci High School building. This school, constructed with the assembled container model, is located in the city of Amboise.

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