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Construction Site Buildings of Azerbaijan University

Porpuse Of Use University Campus Project Site Buildings
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 3 Block
Total Area 894 m² (350 + 272 + 272)
Project Year 2015
Region To Be Used Baku – Azerbaijan
Completion Time 28 Days
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Site Buildings for University Construction Project in Azerbaijan

The site building project for the new university campus buildings being constructed in the capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku, has been completed and delivered. The total area of the buildings produced using sandwich panel prefabricated building systems and assembled on site is 894 m². As part of the project, the basic structures of the office, dormitory, and dining hall buildings were installed.

Installation of Office, Dormitory, and Dining Hall Buildings Completed in 28 Days

The installation of the office, dormitory, and dining hall buildings, which will be used by the personnel working on the Baku University building project undertaken by Shinkar Honding, was completed in 28 days. After the preliminary discussions with the company, the production of the three different structures was started with the approval phase by the Karmod technical office. In May 2015, the factory pre-production of the three buildings was completed in only 6 days using modern technologies. The installation of the structures, which were transported by road to the project site in Baku, was carried out under the supervision of the Karmod supervisor team. The building installations were completed in June of the same year and were delivered for the use of the Shinkar Holding project employees.

350 m² Prefabricated Office Building Managed the Baku University Project

The first building built as part of the university site project was a 350 m² office building. The management of the university construction was carried out from the office building, which was built using the sandwich panel prefabricated building system. The office building included 12 separate working offices and one meeting room. Technical personnel such as site manager, chief, HSE manager, construction supervision engineer, electrical and mechanical installation engineer worked in the working rooms. A kitchen that offered beverage service such as tea to the staff, along with male and female restrooms and a storage room, were also located in the office building.

150 People Can Eat at the Same Time in the Site Dining Hall

One of the buildings in the Baku University site building group was the dining hall building. The production of the dining hall building was also carried out using the sandwich panel prefabricated building system. 64 m² of the building was allocated to the pantry and cooking area for kitchen services, and the total size of the building was 272 m². 150 people can eat at the same time in the dining hall building, where the capacity can be increased two or three times with the scheduling system. The use of prefabricated dining halls provides practical and easy cleaning.

The Most Comfortable Prefabricated Dormitory for Site Workers

Another building produced with Karmod expertise for the Baku University construction project was the prefabricated dormitory building. The dormitory building, which is 272 m², has a total of 12 separate bedrooms. The rooms where the technical personnel stayed can be arranged according to two or four-person capacity. The dormitory building, where a shower is provided in each room, also reserved space for toilet units.

The main feature of the prefabricated buildings produced with Karmod expertise is high insulation and ergonomic use. Climate control is very easy to provide in Karmod buildings produced with the new-generation, seamless technology and sandwich panel system. Regardless of whether it is summer or winter, climate control can be achieved with minimal energy consumption. Site workers staying in Karmod dormitories feel the Karmod difference up close. With the international standard building model, site workers wake up to the next day refreshed.

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