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Housing Project Site Buildings With Place for 875 Workers - Gebze, Turkey

Porpuse Of Use Construction Site Buildings of 7000-Person Mass Housing Project
Building Model Jointed New Generation Container
Total Area 2.900 m²
Project Year 2017
Region To Be Used Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey
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Luxurious prefabricated sales office of Bosphorus City that is projectized in Kucukcekmece-Halkali by Sinpas GYO which is one of the leading construction companies in Turkey, was built by Karmod Prefabricated. The 240 square meters building that is projectized and installed as two storey with prefabricated building model, was used as launch and sales office of the project.

The prefabricated office had an aesthetic appearance with the wood siding at elevation on the standard building. Bosphorus City which is the first of Turkey in concept housing project was among concept housing projects in the world during that period. We were glad to be prefabricated office choice of Sinpas Bosphorus City project, one of the leading brands in Turkey with its residential and commercial building projects.

Choice of the Residence and Commercial Sales Office Concept Projects

Our prefabricated office buildings are choice of the residence and commercial sales office with their fast production and ready for use installation. Prebfabricated building model provides an advantage with fast production and very short construction time for sales office need of residence project. For example, if the two storey 240 square meters office building we delivered as ready for use within this project, were built with traditional reinforced concrete, it would take months. But we installed this office building with Karmod prefabricated building system in only 9 days.

The Most Economic Prefabricated Sales Office with the Building Financing

Like we gain time to the projects, we also gain money with the economic prices in the office building budget. We build launch office buildings produced with unwelded bolted innovator prefabricated model system without any need of other equipments. We install them with wall blocks, steel roof trusses and skin, window and door systems, electrical and water installation systems, paint and extra coatings. With the savings on craftsmanship and materials, we gain in every stage.

Sinpas Bosphorus City apartments and residences that bring a new style to urban transformation of Istanbul with 80 different residence designs and being inspired from historical bosporus, were designed considering unique Bogazici, Anadoluhisari, Rumeli, Cubuklu, Beylerbeyi, Yenikoy and Vanikoy mansions  and housing views. Bosphorus City installed in 246000 square meters area is located in Halkali district.

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