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Aydınlar İnşaat TOGG Construction Site Cafeteria Building

Porpuse Of Use Construction Site Cafeteria Building
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 1 Block
Total Area 163 m2
Project Year 2020
Region To Be Used Gemlik, Bursa – Turkey
Completion Time 12 Days
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Our prefabricated construction site structures are the choice of Turkey's brand projects

With its expertise in the prefabricated building sector, Karmod continues to be the construction site choice of Turkey's brand projects. We have signed another project at the TOGG factory campus, Turkey's national automobile, with our secure structures with fast installation feature. The building project realized in TOGG Gemlik facilities includes the cafeteria structure. The cafeteria building, which was built on behalf of Aydınlar İnşaat on the campus, was completed in just 12 days and was offered to those who took part in the TOGG factory construction. In the prefabricated cafeteria building with a size of 163 m2, 100 people can eat at the same time. The cafeteria building, which was designed by the Karmod project office in consideration of customer demands, consists of three separate sections. Between the departments and the kitchen area, there are two separate dining rooms, one for the general staff and the other for the managers. In the project, the kitchen area is placed between the dining rooms. At the double-sided counter of the kitchen, which has a separate entrance, separate meals can be served to both dining rooms at the same time.

The prefabricated cafeteria, which was established in 2020, will serve the personnel during the construction of the TOGG factory, which will start automobile production in 2023.

Ergonomics and hygiene training in the Karmod cafeteria

International standards are extremely important in all major projects such as TOGG. With its leadership in the prefabricated building sector, Karmod continues to be the construction site choice of important projects with its expertise. There are two important factors that highlight the preference of Karmod buildings in particular for the prefabricated cafeteria. Ease of use and hygiene in international construction site building standards. Building security and fast installation are among the general features of Karmod structures. Ergonomics is extremely important in cafeteria buildings. Employees who work with labor force in challenging construction site environments in all seasons see the moment of meal as an opportunity to rest at the same time. Especially when the work is interrupted at noon, the cafeteria building is a place where delicious food are taste and also creates a perfect ground for rest. After a tiring four-hour work schedule, workers like to use the meal time as a good resting opportunity. For this reason, ergonomics of use is one of the most important issues in Karmod prefabricated dining halls.

The cleaning of prefabricated dining hall buildings is also extremely practical. Smooth wall blocks allow easy cleaning of corners. Maximum interior openness makes the cleaning practice of the personnel involved in the cleaning of the cafeteria cheerful.

"Aydınlar Madencilik" expertise in TOGG Factory infrastructure

The construction of the factory, where the mass production of Turkey's highly anticipated automobile in 2023 will be carried out, is carried out meticulously by expert brands. Aydınlar Madencilik, one of the experts in the field, has undertaken the infrastructure works of the TOGG factory. The company has a long history dating back to 1940. The company has completed and implemented various infrastructures (such as road and foundation) and industrial construction projects, along with nearly 1.000 housing projects to date.

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