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Congo Military Facility Construction Project

Porpuse Of Use Military Guard Unit Station
Building Model Sandwich Panel System Container
Number Of Buildings 2 Blocks (28 Unit Containers)
Total Area 448m²
Project Year 2012
Region To Be Used Kikwit, Democratic Republic of Congo
Completion Time 16 Days
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Delivery of Military Gendarmerie Barracks Construction Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo

We completed and handed over the project for military gendarmerie barracks to be used by the National Army Guard Regiment in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the third-largest country by area in Central Africa.

We prepared the project, which we carried out in the city of Kikwit, located on the Kwilu River in the southwestern part of the country, east of the capital, Kinshasa, with the Sandwich Panel System Container model. The buildings, consisting of 28 units, were prepared as demountable in Karmod production facilities in standard dimensions of 230x595 containers and were transported to Congo by air cargo. The structures that reached the installation site by road transportation from the airport were built in a short period of 16 days by our assembly teams ready in the area and delivered ready for use.

As part of the project, two separate container military police buildings were installed. In one military block, a modern structure of 256 square meters was created by installing a combined container model with 16 container units. In the other military block, a structure of 192 m2 was prepared using 12 container units. Two different container models were used in the military building project. In the 2005 model container units, there is a spacious living room and a container toilet and shower unit in the inner right part of the building. The other container model is 1002. This model has a single living room plan with two windows facing forward and is used as a container dormitory building. Inside the unit, 3 bunk beds, wardrobes, and 1 study table are placed. If needed, the number of bunk beds can be increased to 4, and the number of soldiers staying in the container dormitory can be increased to 8.

Our Next-Generation Container Buildings: The Choice for Military Facility Construction Projects

Our next-generation container buildings, which are long-lasting and have insulation superiority, offering easy air conditioning, became the choice of national and international military units' construction projects with advantages such as quick installation provided by the bolted and dovetail system. With the new generation container structure, permanent installations can be made within days for buildings where thousands of military units will stay. Our military buildings are used today by national armies in many countries, including Nigeria, Eritrea, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti. The Kikwit Congo project was one of these. With a population exceeding 400,000, Kikwit is the largest city of Kwilu Province and an important trade center of the region.

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