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Bulletproof Metropol Cabin for Sabancı Center

Porpuse Of Use Headquarters Security Cabin
Building Model Metropol Cabin
Number Of Buildings 1 Unit 300x320
Total Area 9,6 m2
Project Year 2013
Region To Be Used Beşiktaş, Istanbul – Turkey
Completion Time Ready Concept Production
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Preference For Security Cabins İn Management Centers: Karmod Metropol

Karmod's Metropol cabin, developed through R&D efforts, is preferred by important management centers that require high security. Sabancı Center, the headquarters of Sabancı Holding, one of the leading conglomerates in our country, has chosen Karmod's Metropol bulletproof cabin.

Bullet-Resistant Cabin For High Security

Karmod's Metropol model encompasses an important development with its design that perfectly aligns with modern architecture and city aesthetics. It is equipped with bulletproof systems for high security, making it a preferred choice for important business centers that require enhanced security measures.

BR7 Class Security İn Karmod Metropol

Karmod Metropol BR7 class bulletproof cabin stands out with its aesthetic design. It gains complete security with its BR7 class bulletproof features, providing protection against armor-piercing bullets fired from long-barreled weapons. It also ensures security against explosive materials such as grenades.

The bulletproof armored Metropol cabin is fully equipped by Karmod expertise to provide security against armor-piercing bullets. All components of the bulletproof cabin, from walls to windows, doors to roof, are manufactured with complete protection against BR7 class armor-piercing bullets. The windows on three sides of the security cabin are made with specially certified BR7 class glass. Similarly, the observation glass on the special door is also BR7 class. The doors and walls of the security cabin are constructed with specially thick steel plates to provide full protection against BR7 armor-piercing bullets. The roof system of the security cabin is also supported by this application.

Safety firing ports with bulletproof armored glass are installed on three sides, providing complete visibility. The automatic closing firing ports facilitate the immediate response of security personnel to possible attacks.

The Favorite Of Security Cabins: Karmod Metropol

Karmod Metropol is a specially designed security cabin model to be placed in popular city locations. It blends aesthetics with modern urban architecture, adding value to the place where it is installed. It is produced in dimensions ranging from 150x150 to 300x300 for single-person use. Production can also be made up to 300x700 dimensions. For larger security offices, larger and multi-story structures can be built by combining 300x700 units.

How İs A Bullet-Resistant Armored Cabin Produced?

The design of bulletproof security cabins is primarily influenced by the physical characteristics of the environment where they will be used and the number of personnel involved in the operation. The technical office of Karmod prepares a design that fully meets the customer's requirements. Once the project is approved, production begins. Production is carried out under a strict quality control system with intermediate tests. The main principle in the production of armored cabins is to meet the expectations of complete security. Once the production is completed, the armored security cabin is loaded onto a vehicle with the help of a crane. Upon reaching its destination, it is unloaded from the crane and delivered ready for use.

Bullet-Resistant Armored Cabin At Sabancı Center

The armored cabin at Sabancı Center, which provides complete security to the security personnel in its location, has been specially produced in dimensions of 300x320 cm.

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