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The Choice Istanbul Public Bread Sales Office is Karmod

Porpuse Of Use Istanbul Public Bread Sales Office
Building Model GRP Cabin
Number Of Buildings 150
Total Area 1052 m²
Project Year Continuous
Region To Be Used Istanbul, Turkey
Completion Time 7 days
Currently 45 guests are viewing this project

Our Kiosk Cabins are at Istanbul Public Bread Selling Point

We produce the bread selling kiosk cabins of Istanbul Public Breas Inc. (IHE) being in the Turkey's largest bread producer position with a daily 2 million pieces of hygienic and economical bread production. Bread kiosk cabins used at many places in Istanbul draws attentionw its aesthetical design, hygienic interior and practical usage.

Kiosk cabins Karmod designed and produced special for IHE have significant superiorities like high quality and odorless features that seperate them from its opponents. All materials and helper materials are choosen from the products whose quality is certified. Karmod Public Bread Kiosk Cabins that have a special shelf system for bread presentation are delivered ready for use. They can start serving from the moment they are delivered.

The Healtiest Cabin is Karmod for Bread

Karmod kiosk cabins have odorless, shiny surface panel system and meet in the best way the hygiene conditions, which is one of the important criteria in bread sales. In cold or hot climate conditions, cabin panels preserve the heat density inside the cabin in the best way because they are produced with special baking system. It provides a cool air for the personnel selling bread with its insulation superiority even in summer heat. With the ease of air conditioning, it helps preserving the bread under recommended storage conditions.

The kiosk cabin provide shopping ease with its mobile window special for bread selling to the customers. Mobile window has practical usage. The height of mobile window is designed in the most appropriate way and at a special height for the ergonomics of the sales personnel. It is aimed to display the products ergonomically on the sales shelves of the kiosk cabin designed considering the product variety of Istanbul Public Bread. They are designed in a way that tens of bakery products can be seen properly with the standard normal bread. The shelves are mounted on the cabin panels with special clips. The stand where product presentation and money exchange are made, stands out with its ergonomic feature.

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