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BM Human Settlements Program Housing Project

Porpuse Of Use Social Housing
Building Model Next Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 10 Homes , 42 m2
Total Area 420 m²
Project Year 2016
Region To Be Used Anjouan Island, Comoros
Completion Time 7 Days
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Special Container Social Housing for UN Projects

Karmod continues to undertake significant projects worldwide with its expertise in the ready-made construction industry since 1986. One of these projects is the social housing project that we carried out in Comoros under the United Nations Human Settlements Program. Comoros or the Union of the Comoros, officially, is located in the western Indian Ocean, southeast of Madagascar in West Africa. The housing project, using the latest generation container building system, was carried out on the island of Anjouan in the country.

42 m2 Container House, the most preferred model in social housing projects

The 42 m² container house designed by Karmod with its expertise for the UN human settlements program is among the most preferred models in social housing. The container social housing has a 2 + 1 floor plan and is designed to provide the healthiest environment for the average family to live in. With its long life, high insulation performance, and interior ergonomics, the best housing comfort is offered to those living in the housing.

The adventure of the Comoros social housing project

The housing project planned by the UN Human Settlements Program for Comoros was carried out in 2016. The design of the housing, which was ordered directly by the relevant unit of the UN, was carried out by Karmod experts. Two separate 3x7 container units were used to ensure the best ergonomics of the 2 + 1 housing plan. These units were positioned side by side with the combined system by Karmod experts to prepare the houses. The pre-production was carried out with the latest generation container model in modern facilities. From the walls to the roof, from the door to the window, all equipment, including toilet and tiles, was packaged and prepared for shipment after the production was completed in a short time. The houses packaged with a completely modular system without sources were loaded onto a shipping container and set out by sea shipment.

On the day of shipment, the houses were installed by Karmod professionals who were ready in Comoros, and they were delivered ready for use within a short period of seven days. The houses, where climate control was easily achieved with energy savings with sandwich panel walls and roof panels, were additionally equipped with an additional roof system. Metal tiles were used for the roof covering. Upon completion of the installation, the social housing was allocated to families in need.

About Comoros

The country, named after the Arabic word "kamer" (moon), is officially known as the Union of the Comoros. Comoros is geographically attached to the African continent. It is located in the western part of the Indian Ocean on the east side of the continent, at the northern endpoint of the Mozambique Channel in the Mozambique Straits. It is also located on the northwest of Madagascar Island. The closest part of the country to the African continent is the Mozambique coast, which is 297 km away. The capital of the country is Moroni, located on the Great Comoros, which is the largest island in the country. Anjouan, the island where Karmod carried out the housing project for the UN, is the second largest island in the country and is located 200 km east of the Great Comoros. The prevailing climate throughout the island is tropical marine climate. There is not much change in temperature throughout the year. The cool period, which is July-August, has an average temperature of 22°C. February and March are the hottest months in the country, with an average temperature of 27°C.

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