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Beldeport Port Service Building

Porpuse Of Use Port Service Building
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 1 Block
Total Area 864 m²
Project Year 2016
Region To Be Used Kocaeli, Turkey
Completion Time 24 Days
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Liman office established in Beldeport, which is at the center of the Turkish economy

The office building of Beldeport port, which has an important function in logistics in the region where 51% of Turkey's industrial production is realized, was constructed by Karmod expertise. The prefab office building, where all management services of the port are carried out, was constructed in a short time of 24 days and delivered. The two-story office building with a size of 864 m² was constructed with a panel system prefab model. The Beldeport port management office, which is located in a dominant position on the 149,000 m² port area, has a pleasant working environment that integrates with the view of the Osmangazi Bridge.

This building provides port services

The front section of the lower floor of the Beldeport port office building facing the sea is allocated for the logistics service unit providing port services. The back section houses the cafeteria and dining area, with a rest area located between these sections. The upper floor of the building is mainly dedicated to the management of Beldeport port, operated by MED Logistics Inc. The key sections on this floor include the executive offices, meeting rooms, and working offices.

Beldeport Port is right next to Istanbul

Beldeport port is located 45 km away from Istanbul, one of the world's leading cities. As the first port located right next to the Osmangazi Bridge, Beldeport is situated at the entrance of the Gulf of Izmit. Within a 13 km radius of the port's location, there are 10 Organized Industrial Zones and numerous industrial facilities that stand out with the size of Turkey. Beldeport's location in a region that addresses more than half of the country's industrial production, corresponds to 47% of the country's GDP and 33% of the country's population, makes it a strategic point in terms of logistics.

The port is also prominent with its transportation locations. With a handling capacity of 550,000 TEUs, the port is located 2.5 km from the TEM highway, 3.5 km from the D-100 highway, 4.5 km from the Osmangazi Bridge, 4 km from the Dilovası Customs, and 33 km from Sabiha Gökçen Airport. The railway line of the Middle Corridor, which starts from China and reaches London, passes through the Beldeport port facilities. A railway loading/unloading station is also located within the Beldeport port for the Gebze-Köseköy cargo line project designed by TCDD. With its three access lines and railway loading terminal capacity, Beldeport is also a terminal that meets the "Combined Transport" criteria.

Beldeport port has a terminal area of 149,000 m2 with a stacking capacity of 11,628 TEUs. The port has a water depth of 16.5 meters. Access to the port is provided through two separate roads with a total of 8 lanes, with 4 lanes for each direction starting from the customs gate.

The logistics services offered at Beldeport port include Container Terminal and Wharf Services, CFS Services, Project Cargo and General Cargo Services, Ro-Ro Services, and Railway Loading-Unloading Terminal services.

Beldeport, operated by Med Logistics, is designed, operated, and controlled in compliance with EU technical and environmental standards. The port facilities of Beldeport, which can accommodate the world's largest container ships, were designed by HPC-Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH, the engineering group of Hamburg Port, and it can be considered as an exemplary port in the Gulf region with its infrastructure features.

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