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Barcelona Football School Campus Building Project

Porpuse Of Use Football School Administration Building and Locker Rooms
Building Model Next Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 1 Block
Total Area 126 m²
Project Year 2021
Region To Be Used Istanbul, Turkey
Completion Time 2 Days
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Barça Academy Istanbul Beykoz Football School

We installed a building for the official football school of Barcelona Football Club, one of the world's leading brands in football. The structures produced within the scope of the project were installed in the Kavacık facilities of Barça Academy, the world's most established football school. Container office structures built for the Barça Academy Istanbul Beko organization have a size of 126 m2. For the project, 6 container units of 3x7 meters were used. 6 units designed with a combined container system were shipped at the same time. The structure, which was started to be assembled by Karmod professional teams, was ready on the field on the day the shipment was completed and was put into use after installation in two days.

Balcony system in Container Football School building

Balcony system was also applied in the building project, which is located in a position overlooking the field where football training is given. In the front of the building, a total of 4 container units were arranged as two floors. Two more container units were placed at the rear in a single-storey combination. The tops of the two single-storey units were left open and arranged as balconies with balustrades. This part was given access to the front two-storey area. After the installation, the building, which was painted in the colors of the Barcelona football club, was put into service in the Kavacık facilities of the academy.

About Barça Academy İstanbul Beko

The official football school of the Barcelona Football Club, which is considered one of the most established football schools in the world, serves in Turkey under the name Barça Academy Istanbul Beko. Kavacık facilities , which were newly opened after the realization of this project, became Barça Academy's third training facility in Istanbul. Barça Academy has Maslak İTÜ and Maltepe Gülsuyu Facilities with the new facility.

Future football geniuses grow here

Barça Academy Istanbul Beko, 4-12 age Football Academy and 11-16 age Competitor Teams

It offers children between the age groups the opportunity to develop their football knowledge and skills in accordance with the methods and philosophy applied in FC Barcelona's youth teams.

In its 7th year in Turkey, Barça Academy Istanbul Beko has provided football training to over 6,000 students so far. Barça Academy Istanbul Beko, in line with the criteria of the Barcelona Football Club; At the Istanbul Technical University Ayazağa Campus on the European side, Kavacık Facilities and Maltepe Gülsuyu Facilities on the Anatolian side , talented girls and boys aged 4-12 are taught football with Barcelona's 'values'.

Important human virtues are among the values of FC Barcelona

As it is known, Barcelona is the leading club of football and an important school. Among the values of a club of this caliber are important human virtues. Among the Barcelona values are Humility, Respect, Teamwork, Effort, and Passion.

Anyone who discovers their children's football talent can apply to Barça Academy, which servth the slogan "More than a Football School" with its values.

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