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Aydınlar İnşaat TOGG Construction Site Office Building

Porpuse Of Use Construction Site Dormitory Building
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 1 Block
Total Area 281 m2
Project Year 2020
Region To Be Used Bursa – Türkiye
Completion Time 16 Days
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Prefabricated office for construction site management

In construction site environments where important projects are carried out, management offices are needed as well as general construction site buildings. TOGG factory construction site is one of them. The modern factory building, which was built for Turkey's automotive to come out of the band with mass production, is rising with the participation of leading construction companies.

One of the brands that contributed to the construction of the factory building of the project, which is extremely important for Turkey, is Aydınlar İnşaat. The company is one of the important actors who carry out the infrastructure works of the factory construction with its expert team. For this reason, expert teams are on the field together with the company's management team. We built and delivered the modern prefabricated office building in the campus, where the Aydınlar İnşaat management team will carry out the process. We completed the prefabricated office building of 281 m² in 16 days with our Karmod expertise and made it available to the company management. TOGG Aydınlar İnşaat office building has 10 separate study rooms as well as 1 meeting room. In the office project, male and female toilet areas were also included.

In the office building, a middle entrance was planned considering the ergonomics of use. When you enter through the main door, there is the secretary room on the left front and the construction site manager's room at the far end. On the left side, the other technical staff rooms are separated by a corridor that extends throughout the building. The system room is located on the right side of the entrance corridor. Towards the back, there is the archive room and the office kitchen. Towards the back, the projects included toilets. On the right side, there is another secondary exit door in the section where the corridor ends.

The fastest solution prefabricated building in modern office buildings

The prefabricated building model is among the most preferred building solutions in construction site environments with its fast production and ease of construction in a short time. The prefabricated building system stands out with its long-lasting use and safe building model. Another important advantage is that the prefabricated structure has great advantages in terms of labor costs as well as building construction processes. For this reason, site managements prefer the prefabricated building model as a priority. As seen in the project, a 281 m² building can be built and put into service in a short period of 16 days. Investors who prefer the building model save both time and cost.

Why is the prefabricated office so fast and economical?

The most important reason for this is that the prefabricated building system has a pre-production model. Production is carried out in modern facilities equipped with new generation machines after project approval. During the production phase, all building materials and other equipment that will form the office are being prepared. It is installed in the field without the need for an extra construction material. The speed at installation is again all about the production model. Since the building is produced with a disassembled system, its installation is carried out extremely quickly. During the installation carried out by the Karmod expert team, many workmanship applications can be made at the same time. A single team of experts completes the wall-to-roof building installation while simultaneously installing the electrical and plumbing installations. It completes the insulation and coating applications. Again, within the scope of the project, doors and windows produced in the factory are being fitted. At the last stage, the interior and exterior paint application of the prefabricated office is carried out by the Karmod team and made ready for use.

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