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Arkas Logistics Regional Office Building

Porpuse Of Use Mersin Region Logistics Service Office
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 1 Bloc2 katlık – 2 floored
Total Area 292 m²
Project Year 2016
Region To Be Used Mersin – Turkey
Completion Time 16 Days
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We established a service office for logistics giant Arkas in Mersin

We built a regional service office building for Arkas Logistics, Turkey's leading brand in land, sea, air logistics, and storage services, in Mersin. The two-story modern office building with a size of 292 m2 was constructed using a panel system prefabricated structure model. The roof system, with its special parapet application, gave the building a modern and stylish appearance, making it stand out among noticeable buildings.

The production of the logistics office was completed in two days

Prefabricated office buildings stand out with their advantage of rapid production and short on-site installation time. The 292 m2 office building was produced in a short period of two days at Karmod's modern facilities. After production, the structures were shipped to Mersin using road transportation, and the Karmod expert team completed the installation in 16 days. The design, planning, and project stages of prefabricated structures are prepared using special software programs. They can be safely used in various areas from offices to residential buildings, social facilities to school and hospital buildings. The secure building model, technological rapid production, and the advantage of quick installation without the need for other materials on-site are the fundamental features of prefabricated structures. At the same time, they are on average 30 percent more economical than conventional building models.

Arkas Logistics manages its regional operations from this building

Arkas Logistics manages its Mersin regional operations from the new office building. The office building, planned as a two-story structure, has a ground floor of 150 m2 and an upper floor of 142 m2. The ground floor is designed specifically for the busy work traffic. This area includes a 75 m2 wide personnel working room, where port logistics services can be carried out practically in an open office system. The 32 m2 Mersin Regional Manager's room is also located on this floor. The ground floor also includes a 22 m2 room, a system room, and male and female WC units.

The second floor, which is reached by stairs in the middle, includes a 26.5 m2 meeting room and a 19.5 m2 working office. Due to the intense work traffic in the port, the clinic and cafeteria have been moved to the second floor. The cafeteria, which also includes a mini kitchen, is 32 m2 in size. A 10 m2 room is reserved for the Occupational Health and Safety expert. The floor also includes an archive room and WC units along with a 20 m2 clinic.

About Arkas Logistics

Arkas Logistics, founded in 1989, operates under the umbrella of Arkas Holding, one of Turkey's leading holding companies. Providing combined land, sea, air and rail transportation, Arkas Logistics also offers open cargo and project transportation, forwarding and warehouse services. The company operates in Istanbul, Mersin, Izmir, Bursa, Ankara, Eskisehir, Gaziantep, Kayseri, Samsun, Trabzon, Eregli, Bandirma, Konya and Iskenderun through its offices. The company employs over 1,300 people to provide its services. Arkas has a total of 413,000 square meters of container storage areas in eight cities where it provides services. The capacity of its closed warehouses is 12,000 square meters.

Arkas Logistics continues its operations with a vision of providing reliable, fast and quality logistics services. Arkas Logistics also operates under the name Arkas Logistics abroad. Today, Arkas Logistics has offices in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, China and the United States.

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