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Agriculture Greenhouse Facilities Office Building

Porpuse Of Use Office Building
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 1 Block
Total Area 265 m2
Project Year 2021
Region To Be Used Sakarya – Türkiye
Completion Time 14 Days
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Industrial agriculture thrives with modern management offices

In addition to traditional methods, developments in industrial agriculture continue in Turkey. Greenhouse cultivation is more prominent in agricultural innovations. In Turkey, where most of the year is sunny even in winter months, closed system greenhouse cultivation is gaining more and more importance day by day. While the product can be obtained at certain times of the year with traditional methods, it can be harvested several times a year with industrial methods such as greenhouse cultivation. This system brings important gains in terms of nutrition in our world where access to healthy food is getting harder every year. For this reason, it is extremely important to carry out industrial agriculture with conscious methods in order to be able to carry out industrial agriculture in a safe way for humanity.

The prefabricated building we prepared for Adapazarı Greenhouse Facilities will make a significant contribution to the regional agriculture in terms of the development of modern greenhouse cultivation. The facility has a gigantic appearance with a closed area of ​​65 thousand m². The office building with a size of 265 m², installed next to it with the expertise of Karmod, is used in the management of the greenhouse facility. In the office, there are working rooms of technical personnel such as agricultural engineer, food engineer, together with the greenhouse manager. The office building, which was designed and produced with Karmod's expertise, was installed in 14 days and put into service of the facility.

The private prefabricated office building for the greenhouse is entered from the front right in the middle. On the left side of the entrance, there is the manager's room, the agricultural engineer's room, the food engineer's room, the agricultural technician's room and the meeting room. On the right, there is a dining hall with a capacity of 25 people, a masjid and toilet areas. A turnstile has been placed for personnel passage from the main entrance to the greenhouse area. It is not allowed to enter the facility through the turnstile, except for authorized personnel. With the turnstile method, only authorized personnel enter the greenhouse area and the risks of possible damage to the plants are completely eliminated.

As of the beginning of 2021, agricultural production is made in the greenhouse where the office building is located, and harvesting is carried out in certain periods. The facility, operated by Misya Tarım, was put into service as a result of the company's five-year studies. The facility, which plays a leading role in greenhouse cultivation in the region, has an exemplary project with agricultural production. One of the prominent features of the facility is that it is built on an artificial intelligence designed operating system used for the first time in the geothermal heated greenhouse sector. Automation of hot water wells, automation of meteorology station, and greenhouse smart automation systems, and it has the feature of a modern greenhouse with artificial intelligence design.

In the project, which consists of a closed area of ​​65 thousand m2, the first phase of which has been completed, 4 types of tomatoes are grown, namely Pink, Salkım, Pekpal and Kaplan. The annual production capacity of the facility is 1,500 tons. The company aims to increase its production capacity to 2,500 tons by commissioning the second stage greenhouse facilities. Good agricultural practices, pollination with bees and 100 % controlled farming practices are carried out in the greenhouses where 100 % local seed use, 100 % natural, fresh and healthy products are provided at the facility.

Natural, healthy and hygienic tomatoes are offered to customers in domestic and international markets at Misya Tarım facilities, where production is carried out using the latest technologies in greenhouse cultivation.

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