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Prefab Modular Hospital 506 m²

  • Height 5,2 m
  • Depth 18,93 m
  • Width 13,38 m
  • M2 506 m²
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Prefabricated modular hospital buildings are established with the concept of a full-fledged hospital in times of urgent need for health services with the advantages of fast installation. Modular hospitals, which are needed in natural disasters, epidemics and war situations, are an important need for the provision of health services. There are multiple reasons why modular hospitals are built. First of all, it takes a long time to build a full-fledged hospital with traditional methods, and there is an urgent need for hospitals in cases such as epidemics, natural disasters, etc. In some cases, modular hospitals are needed in regions that cannot be built with traditional methods. Prefabricated modular hospitals are also used in camps established for temporary purposes, such as refugee camps, where many people stay. In cases of epidemics, even if it is possible to build a hospital with traditional methods, only hospitals built for one purpose are needed. Prefabricated modular hospitals are used in cases where the existing hospitals are not sufficient.

Full-Fledged Hospitals

All units in a full-fledged hospital are located in prefabricated modular hospital buildings. The Modular Hospital, which serves thousands of people with the advantage of the prefabricated building model, can be completed in a very short time compared to traditional methods. In addition, as in other prefab buildings, traditional construction methods are not needed during the construction phase. All units needed by the hospital are being built, and even units requiring special conditions such as intensive care units can be established. Portable hospital clinics are used in cases where emergency health care is needed, in smaller units. Our prefabricated modular hospital units feature Award winning designs.  We design, manufacture and establish portable hospital clinics worldwide.

Modular Hospitals in Covid-19 Times

Prefabricated hospitals, which are prepared to meet the needs of the emergency health building during the pandemic period, have an important function in the periods when there is no epidemic danger. These fully prefabricated modular hospitals contribute to the country's economy by serving as a full-fledged hospital in times of increased patient numbers. The need for modular hospitals all over the world has increased due to the pandemic. Prefabricated modular hospitals and portable hospital clinics are used as quarantine and clinical health facilities. Produced and built quickly, these hospitals are also less costly when compared to traditional buildings. It can be built in the desired position and has a durable structure. Prefabricated modular hospitals, the use of which has increased during the pandemic period, is an ideal solution for emergency health needs.

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