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Prefab Infirmary Clinics 46 m²

  • Height 2,5 m
  • Depth 5,22 m
  • Width 8,89 m
  • M2 46 m²
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Modular hospitals and modular hospital units are prefabricated buildings built under special circumstances. They are built with prefabricated construction technology so that health services can continue more effectively in cases such as disasters and epidemics. Modular hospital units can be produced quickly and built in any desired location. Prefabricated infirmary clinics are mobile units that provide health care and are smaller in size compared to modular hospitals. Health facilities can be customized according to their intended use, and the most common areas of use are disaster areas and refugee camps. In disaster areas and refugee camps, regionally built health units are generally preferred rather than full-fledged hospitals. Thanks to their portability, they can be used easily in the required region and then they can benefit from health services in other regions.

Modular Health Units in Covid-19 Time

Modular health units enable the units in the hospital to be used for special purposes independent of the hospital. This feature may be due to the high patient load of the current hospital or a different necessity. During the Covid-19 pandemic, prefabricated infirmary clinics and outpatient clinics have ensured that healthcare professionals work in safe environments. It limits patients' risk of exposure to the general public by allowing it to be easily transported wherever needed. Prefabricated infirmary clinic, outpatient clinics, operating theaters, cleanrooms; mri room, pharmacies, hospital facilities, temporary or permanent buildings are units of modular buildings used in the healthcare industry. In short, units with all the features that a hospital will need can be produced with modular construction technology.

Karmod Modular Healthcare Facilities

Another advantage of modular healthcare facilities is that they are less costly than hospitals built with traditional construction methods. Being able to be produced in a shorter time, being easily transported and being easy to construct are the main factors that reduce its cost. Compared to traditional methods, much less labor is required during the construction of modular buildings. In this way, prefabricated infirmary clinics has an environmentally friendly architecture, and the risk of work accidents is very low. When you need a modular healthcare facility, Karmod modular outpatient clinics is the ideal solution for you. We can provide you with the healthcare space you need to respond quickly in crisis situations. Using innovative modular construction techniques, we can meet your needs quickly and cost-effectively. Work with us, let's build the future together.

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