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Prefabricated Health Center

  • Capacity 14
  • Lenght 27.690 m
  • Width 10.240 m
  • Height 2.500 m
  • M2 284 m²
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Affordable, High-Standard Health Solutions

Karmod's 14-Bed Prefabricated Health Center, covering an area of 284 m², maintains high standards in healthcare services while offering a cost-effective solution. This modular clinic is ideal for health institutions aiming to deliver quality services to a broader audience in the health sector. Equipped with high insulation properties and energy efficiency, this health center reduces operational costs while providing a comfortable environment for patients and healthcare staff. Karmod enhances accessibility and efficiency in healthcare services with its affordable and high-quality prefabricated health centers.

Prefab Health Centers with a Focus on Staff and Patient Comfort

Karmod's 284 m² 14-Bed Prefabricated Health Center is designed prioritizing the comfort of both patients and healthcare workers. This modular clinic, with its optimal interior layout and ergonomic design, enhances the work efficiency of healthcare staff while offering patients a peaceful recovery process. High-insulated walls and modern air circulation systems maintain ideal indoor conditions throughout the year, meeting even the most sensitive health requirements. Karmod offers innovative solutions that maximize the comfort of employees and patients in the health sector.

Fast and Quality Health Center Solutions with Karmod Assurance

As a brand chosen in 135 countries, Karmod provides reliable and quality service in fast production and assembly processes with its 14-Bed Prefabricated Health Center. This 284 m² modular clinic is designed to quickly respond to various needs such as emergency health centers, long-term care facilities, and pandemic hospitals. Karmod's innovative production technologies and experienced assembly teams bring your projects to life in a shorter timeframe than planned. With references in 135 countries worldwide, Karmod is a leading brand offering fast and quality prefabricated solutions in the health sector.

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