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Prefab Laboratory 222 m²

  • Height 2,5 m
  • Depth 14,63 m
  • Width 15,16 m
  • M2 222 m²
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Laboratories and Prefab Laboratory Buildings

Prefabricated laboratories are modular buildings used for research and test applications, primarily for medical purposes. Its content is designed to meet all the needs of a laboratory and has a flexible structure. It is also possible to set up a prefabricated laboratory inside a previously built laboratory. It can be installed inside a hospital building or a warehouse and integrate with existing traditional structures. Prefabricated laboratories are produced off-site under factory conditions. It can be designed to the desired model and features and is produced under controlled conditions. It can be produced and supplied much more quickly than in laboratories built in traditional ways. When you need a laboratory that needs to be used urgently, modular buildings are the ideal solution for you. Another requirement for a prefabricated laboratory is facilities in remote areas. Prefab laboratory buildings are the best solution in areas far from the city and where traditional methods of construction are difficult. Modular buildings are also very popular in temporary projects. Modular buildings, which can be produced and supplied quickly, are produced using modern technology. Modular laboratories, which can be easily moved to the desired location, are also very easy to set up.

Flexible and Durable Laboratories

Modular laboratories must have certain features to meet standard requirements. The materials in its content are very durable and produced in accordance with laboratory conditions. The ventilation and insulation system has quality standards to meet the needs of a laboratory. Laboratories and prefab laboratory buildings offers you a wide range of design options. Although it is a laboratory, you can design its content according to your own taste and then you can make changes to its content whenever you want. Technical materials and modular structures work in complete harmony and are flexible enough to make the necessary additions whenever you want. Create your modular laboratory facilities with Karmod prefab laboratory buildings, providing secure, hygienic spaces for research & testing.

Karmod Prefabricated Laboratories

As Karmod, we have been providing modular building services to projects all over the world for more than 30 years. During the Covid-19 epidemic, we are taking important steps in the healthcare industry with our modular hospital buildings and mobile health units. Prefabricated laboratories are also in an important position in terms of emergency health care. For a fast, durable and reliable laboratory environment, Karmod prefabricated laboratories are the ideal solution for you. Work with us and let's build the future together.

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