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KW4 230X400 WC Container

  • Height 2,64 m
  • Depth 2,3 m
  • Width 3,94 m
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Portable Restrooms

Karmod Prefabricated Technologies is a company built on different values such as dependability, sustainability and customer satisfaction. These values allowed us to become one of the best practical accommodations provider in the world. We have been merging practicality with innovation to provide our customers with the best accommodation solutions equipped with latest technologies. From portable restrooms and container offices to dining halls and prefabricated hospitals, our wide array of accommodation solutions are designed for multiple purposes. Thanks to our advanced research and development team, we have been able to research and implement the latest technologies this era has to offer into our products. This allowed us to always come up with new practical accommodation designs that are in-line with our customers’ needs.


Reliable and Sustainable Restrooms

Karmod Portable Restrooms are one of the on-site utilities we provide for our customers. They are especially designed to lighten your load in the case of an ongoing project or operation. All of our portable restrooms are designed to provide a healthy working environment for you and your staff. Karmod Portable Restrooms are hygienic WC solutions that are easy to clean, portable, affordable, sustainable, reliable and sturdy. Meaning, they can be placed from one place to another with ease, they can be fully customized on demand and delivered that way, they can be used for a lifetime without a worry, they can be worked on and cleaned very easily and still have a comparatively lower price tag than other portable restrooms available in the market today. Karmod Portable Restrooms also have several benefits that will help you throughout your project. For example, the state-of-the-art insulation technology that we implement in our portable restrooms allows you to refrain from excessive heating bills thus saving you from excessive spending.


Hygienic Portable Restrooms

Luxury portable restroom and economic solutions for commercial grade or luxury portable toilets that can be quickly installed and used in weddings, special events and emergency response locations. Karmod Portable Restrooms are the best WC solution you can have today as it is more affordable and made with higher-quality materials than other Luxury Portable Restroom For Sale around the world. Our portable restrooms and other practical accommodation units are designed and manufactured in a professional factory environment. After the production phase, Karmod Portable Restrooms are delivered to the desired installation location in a short amount of time via sea or land transportation systems. For more information about our portable restrooms and other products, please contact us.

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