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Karmod Container Construction Site Structures Will Be Used in Saudi Arabia NEOM Project

Karmod 26.01.2023
Karmod Container Construction Site Structures Will Be Used in Saudi Arabia NEOM Project

The new smart city construction project called THE LINE was started by Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and Chairman of NEOM Company. Container construction sites will be used in the establishment phase of THE LINE city, which will stretch along the Gulf of Aqaba in the northwest of the country. The NEOM project was first announced by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on October 24, 2017.

Special Container Site Structures for THE LINE Project Employees

The container construction site structures to be used throughout the construction of the NEOM project will include many building groups such as office buildings, dining hall and dormitory buildings, social facilities, prayer rooms, and training halls.

What is NEOM Project?

Tabuk Province of Saudi Arabia is called the NEOM project started by Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, will be carried out on an area of 26,500 km2.

What is Smart City THE LINE?

The new smart city planned to be built in the northwest of Saudi Arabia is called THE LINE. A company called NEOM, of which Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is Chairman of the Board, was established for the construction of the city. the Line is 33 times the size of New York City in the USA. The city plan includes tourist resorts, a global trade center,                a floating industrial complex, and the project is supported by renewable energy sources. The construction of Line City is scheduled to be completed by 2030. the Line city is planned to extend 460 km along the Red Sea coast.

THE LINE Competing Against Sharm El Sheikh?

Sharm el-Sheikh, one of the world's famous holiday and tourism centers, is located in Egypt's South Sinai province. Located on the western shores of the Red Sea almost opposite the city, When the Line is completed, it looks like it will be an important competitor to Sharm el-Sheikh.

Reactions to the NEOM Project

are also reactions to NEOM, which will be among the biggest projects of Saudi Arabia with a significant budget of 500 Billion Dollars. Evacuation of local people from their places of residence for the construction of the project, and harassment of those who resisted leaving by surveillance with camera systems led to human rights debates.

Unique Nature The on Line

the In the Line city concept, a life in touch with nature was aimed. With only a two-minute walk from all living areas, the ease of access to nature will be provided by uninterrupted access. In the project, which attaches great importance to the natural environmental landscape, the unspoiled views of the mountains and the sky for everyone, eliminating urban problems with low carbon emissions. With its human-centered approach, Line brings an alternative to the city concept of the future with a new architectural design to the suffocating urban environment.

Unlike traditional cities, people's health and well-being will be prioritized over transport and infrastructure. It is only 200 meters wide, but 170 kilometers long and 500 meters above sea level. the Line city will be home to 9 million people when completed. City residents will be able to get from one end of the city to the other in just 20 minutes by high-speed train. At the same time, they will be able to reach all social facilities within a 5-minute walk.

Livable Clean Air The on Line

The lack of cars and roads Carbon emissions are eliminated in the city of Line. Everything, including the operations of businesses located in the city, will run on renewable energy. Maintaining nature and open spaces throughout will play an important role in improving air quality.

Perfect Year-Round Climate The on Line

the Microclimatic in Line venues is prepared. The best balance has been achieved for sunlight, shade, and natural ventilation. Green areas spread throughout the city will increase the comfort of residents, workers and tourists.

The New Center of the Business World

Promising a livable city, The Line also aims to be a center for important brands around the world. The busy work of the business world will be left behind in this new city. Every moment of the day will offer resting environments between work. To be completed in 2030 380,000 people will be involved in the construction of Line city.

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