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Prefabricated House Manufacturer

Karmod 17.08.2022
Prefabricated House Manufacturer

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Prefabricated building manufacturer Karmod reaches 2 billion people

Karmod's website reaches over 2 billion people worldwide with 10 different language options.

Turkish, English, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, French, German, Farsi and Ukrainian are among the language alternatives of the website

Karmod's website, which offers numerous construction solutions together with prefabricated construction sites, prefabricated house manufacturer office buildings, school and hospital buildings, corporate buildings and mass housing, provides customers with alternative language options to facilitate easier and better service.

The company Karmod, which established construction sites for power plants such as oil and natural gas in West Asia, Africa and the Middle East, also built construction sites for mining workers in African countries. Karmod carries out residential projects with steel construction in South America.

Thousands of families live happily in houses from Karmod that are built in many countries such as Iraq, Libya and Algeria.

In the production and rapid installation of emergency units with the new generation of container technology, prefabricated house manufacturer Karmod, United Nations, UNICEF as well as a large number of local and international relief organizations are important partners for the solution.

Karmod produces long-lasting habitats that can safely be used in every corner of the world with a variety of alternative building models, the advantage of rapid production and installation.

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