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”New TOKI vision” with Karmod’s sponsorship

Karmod 17.08.2022
”New TOKI vision” with Karmod’s sponsorship

”New TOKI vision” with Karmod’s sponsorship.

The head of TOKI declared his new vision with sponsorship of Karmod.

TOKI’s new vision was declared during the conference organized by MUSIAD (Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association) under sponsorship of Karmod.

The head of TOKI Mr.M Ergun Turan has opened with his speech the conference,that held in the headquarters of MUSIAD in 7th of October under sponsorship of KARMOD Prefabricated Technologies ltd.

Important topics were discussed during the conference such as use the potential of TOKI in current urban transformation and foreign construction projects.

The head of Construction and Environment department of MUSIAD Mr. Burhan Ozdemir expressed his excitement with the idea of building Turkey’s future on solid ground.

The head of TOKI Mr.Ergun Turan said that they are planning to intensify their effort in providing accommodation to those of a low and middle income. There is a great need of good quality buildings in Turkey. Our president and prime minister has set the targets to solve this issue and we will  be focusing on social housing projects in order to support our government to reach their goals.

Transformation from the vertical Architecture to the Landscape Architecture

Mr.Turan mentioned that the idea of transforming from the vertical Architecture to the Landscape Architecture was also on the agenda of 62th government as well. Our city deserves buildings of a high quality. Some say whenever its allowed to build 5 floors , as TOKI, you can build up to 6 , but we will never do that. We will keep on building buildings that add value to our cities and towns.

Close neighborhood concept projects

Mr. Turan continued: At the mean time we are holding a public tender for 2800 buildings new toki vision with karmods sponsorship based on Close neighborhood concept.  Even on TV series we can often see scenes describing old city with its closely neighboring buildings. We have concentrated our work on Kayabashi, Halkali and Bashakshehir. There you can see some great projects but they are lacking the areas where people can socialize. So far we have finished the tender for 2 of such Close neighborhood projects. We’ll plan a street with various socializing centers with cafés, fitness centers, mosques and etc. Each building will be places in a way that its inhabitants may easily interact with each other. Mosques will be placed in the heart of each project, unlike it used to be in the past

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