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3 Seperate Prefabricated Housing Installation in Azerbaijan

Karmod 17.08.2022
3 Seperate Prefabricated Housing Installation in Azerbaijan

Low Cost Social & Urban Housing Project in Azerbaijan

Prefabricated houses that have so many superiorities andproduced  with new generation technologies, continue to attract attention from different countries.

We completed one more new project in Azerbaijan with our ready-made house model. We put three seperate housings into use of families in Capital Baku. Installation of light steel system ready-made houses that we produced by using new technologies in prefabricated building, low cost social housing Azerbaijan industry, was completed in very short time.

One storey three seperate prefabricated house models were preferred in the prefabricated houses we designed within the scope of the project. One of these houses has 3 1 plan and in 87 square meters area, one of them has 2 1 plan and 64 square meters area, the other one has 2 1 plan and 45 square meters area. Spacious interiors in maximum width were designed carefully in all ready-made house models of Karmod.

Our ready-made houses that steel carriers were used have the most ergonomic house system because there are not big concretes and girders that make narrow the interior like other classic building models.

Ready-made houses whose preproduction was completed in modern prefabricated production line, were delivered to installation place in Baku by land and being loaded on two vehicles. From walls to coatings, from roof to roofing materials, from doors to windows, from electric wiring to sanitary and waste water installations and lighting and water fixtures, everything has been delivered to the installation place without the need for other building materials at the installation site during the installation of ready-made houses.

Installation of ready-made houses started by our teams that are ready on the day the transportation was completed and they got ready for use in 20 days. Taconite application was made at exterior of Azerbaijan prefabricated houses. High energy use efficiency obtained by using high density insulation material between special plates in the walls of prefabricated houses of Karmod, has been more increased with this application.

The fastest is prefabricated houses for Karabag new housing projects

Durable prefabricated building system is among the best house models that can be preferred for ready-made housing projects planned to be established in Karabag from the point of construction and fast installation regardless of summer or winter season.

Prefab house that has the concept of environmentalist detached housing contributes sustainable environment. Almost all materials that are used in ready-made house are choosen from recyclable raw materials.

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