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KWD 701 Wc Container

  • Height 2,64 m
  • Depth 2,99 m
  • Width 6,94 m
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Mobile Container Toilet and Shower Units

Mobile container toilet and shower units are portable modular products that can be used for all kinds of temporary WC building needs such as worker camps in remote areas. In addition, they can be used permanently in various areas such as picnic areas, public spaces, mosques, meetings, international fairs, sports competitions. Being an open or closed area does not differ for the use of portable toilets. If you need a toilet in a remote area or in areas where there is no sanitation, portable toilets are the ideal solution for you. The transportation of structures produced in a controlled manner in factory conditions is also very easy. It is delivered ready to use and offers a long-lasting user experience. Portable toilet and portable shower are portable, but they can also be used for permanent purposes. It is usually used for temporary purposes as it is delivered quickly and ready to use. They're ideal as a high quality mobile toilet and shower facilities at outdoor events or for construction companies who move from site to site.

Mobile Toilets at Best Price

There are many reasons to choose mobile container toilets over traditional toilet buildings. First of all, these buildings are produced under factory conditions in a controlled manner. So you don't need a construction site to build them. Even this feature alone provides significant cost savings. Factory production uses the material more efficiently and prevents waste. It is also very easy to assemble and requires very little labor. It is easy to transport and easy to assemble.

Karmod Mobile Container Toilets

You can buy your portable toilet products and start using them right after they are delivered to you. The most important reason for preferring modular toilets is undoubtedly their price. Traditional buildings take a very long time and can be very expensive. Instead of spending a big budget on traditional buildings, you can save money by choosing portable toilets. Whatever the characteristics of your facility, mobile container toilets are your ideal solution. When you need an emergency toilet, it is not possible to provide it with traditional methods. Even if you have a traditional toilet structure, it is quite difficult to connect the plumbing in a short time. However, mobile container toilet and shower units are produced and delivered quickly. We understand our customers' needs and work with them at all stages from design to production. Work with us and let's build the future together.

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