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KW4 230X400 WC - Shower Container

  • Height 26,4 m
  • Depth 2,3 m
  • Width 4 m
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Construction Container Toilets - Building Site Toilets

Toilet and shower container units are ideal for a wide variety of businesses, including recreational facilities and construction sites. Ready-to-use, fast, long-lasting container toilets with shower are produced with the most modern technology for both an economical and practical solution. Our buildings with interior equipment in international standards, camping, construction job sites, special events are preferred by international organizations for toilet and shower container solutions. Plumbing and water supply are needed for a toilet or shower cabin. However, it is not easy to access water installations and clean water resources from the city to the regions. In some cases, even if water resources are available, the desired hygienic environment cannot be provided because access to clean water is not possible. Container toilets provide a hygienic toilet environment for your project when you need it.


Hygienic Construction Container Toilets 

In the overcrowded world we live in, there is a growing need for basic needs. Portable bath and shower containers can provide some relief from the increasing demands of the work environment and take some of the pressure off the needs and requirements of project sites. Container toilets can vary in capacity depending on specific functions and requirements and can provide a great solution for many businesses. Building Site Toilets is an efficient and useful equipment that can be used in the field with minimum deterioration and provides a hygienic and safe usage environment. Karmod building site toilets & showers are ideal for busy worksites. Portable restrooms are ideal for camping, construction job sites and special events.


Karmod Building Site Toilets

As Karmod, we have an impressive range of container toilets in various sizes and surfaces to suit your needs. Ideal for the construction industry, festivals, events and sports clubs, these toilets also offer a cost-effective and high-quality alternative to existing structures built using traditional methods. Karmod container toilet series is also designed for heavy and high-capacity jobs. Perfect for industrial job sites and large events such as festivals. Our robust and durable units are also perfectly applicable for disaster relief, emergency housing and harsh conditions. They can also withstand adverse weather conditions. Regardless of the type of your project, you can choose container toilets. We understand your needs and work with our customers at all stages from design to installation. We have been providing container building services all over the world for over 35 years. Work with us and let's build the future together.

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