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104 Person Dining Hall Container

  • Width 20.7 m
  • Lenght 5.9 m
  • Height 2.6 m
  • M2 123 m²
  • Capacity 104
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123 m² Dining Hall Container: Affordable Spaciousness and Comfort

The 123 m² Dining Hall Container offered by Karmod provides an excellent solution for large institutions, schools, or construction sites with its generous capacity of 104 people. Its portable, practical, and convenient structure makes it an ideal dining hall for all conditions. With its affordable price, this container caters to every budget and offers a comfortable dining experience regardless of seasonal conditions, thanks to its high insulation properties. With this spacious and functional dining hall solution, Karmod aims to enhance the quality of life for employees and students by providing quality materials and workmanship at a reasonable cost.

104-Person Dining Hall Container: Quick Assembly, Instant Service

Time is a valuable resource for businesses and educational institutions. Karmod's 123 m² Dining Hall Container saves time with its quick assembly advantage and rapidly meets the needs of businesses. Karmod's experienced assembly teams quickly set up the container on-site, ensuring that dining hall services start without delay. This rapid assembly feature makes Karmod one of the most preferred brands in the industry for "rapid production and assembly." Recognized as a reliable company, Karmod is a globally renowned leader with references from 135 countries.

Excellent 123 m² Dining Hall Container Solutions with Karmod Quality

Karmod is a leading provider of high-quality and long-lasting dining hall container solutions. This spacious dining hall container, with its capacity to serve 104 people, stands out. Its highly insulated materials ensure energy efficiency and provide a comfortable dining environment in every season. The Karmod brand is known as a reliable company that stands behind its products and always prioritizes customer satisfaction. With the 123 m² Dining Hall Container, Karmod offers users an affordable, high-quality, and comfortable living space.

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