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252 Person Dining Hall Container

  • Width 25.3 m
  • Length 11.9
  • Height 2.6 m
  • M2 302 m²
  • Capacity 252
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302 m² Dining Hall Container: Cost-Effective Giant Capacity

Karmod continues to offer ideal solutions for large-scale projects. The 302 m² Dining Hall Container provides a comprehensive dining solution for large businesses, schools, and construction sites with its capacity for 252 people. Portable, practical, and convenient, this cafeteria container stands out not only for its affordability but also for its high insulation properties. These features ensure maximum indoor comfort regardless of seasonal conditions. Karmod's extensive dining hall solution combines quality and ease of use at an affordable cost.

In Service with Quick Installation: 302 m² Dining Hall Container

Karmod's 302 m² Dining Hall Container speeds up your projects with its quick assembly advantage. Karmod's experienced assembly teams guarantee uninterrupted dining hall services by providing on-site installation in a short period. This makes Karmod a preferred brand in the industry for "rapid production and assembly." As a global leader with references from 135 countries, Karmod maintains customer satisfaction at the highest level with reliable and fast solutions.

302 m² Spacious Dining Hall Container with Karmod Quality

Karmod combines quality and spaciousness with the 302 m² Dining Hall Container. This large dining hall, with a capacity of 252 people, is produced with high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Its highly insulated structure provides energy efficiency and an ideal environment for year-round use. Karmod not only offers customers a dining hall but also a living space that considers the comfort of employees and visitors. As a reliable company, Karmod maintains its status as a "high-quality and most preferred brand" in the industry with references from 135 countries.

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