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Prefabricated Dormitory 339 m2

  • Height 2.5 m
  • Depth 8,99 m
  • Width 37,75
  • M2 399 m²
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Staff Accommodation Building Project

Staff Accommodation Buildings are modular structures that can be installed on site very quickly compared to other traditional structures. Staff accommodation is one of the essential structures in remote workplaces. It is not possible for workers to commute to and from remote workplaces every day. For this reason, their accommodation in the area where they work is important in terms of workforce efficiency. Designed for occupant comfort, our staff accommodation and prefab worker housing offer you a quality solution to your space or labor camp needs.

With Our Staff Accommodation Buildings, Maintain Your Project in a Well Manner

Our prefabricated camps are made of very durable materials, as in all our prefabricated products. This means that whatever the type of business, the accommodation camps we offer can withstand the environmental impacts and adverse weather conditions it may face. Thanks to the advanced insulation system found in every temporary building and other prefabricated structures, the interior of your relaxation area will always stay warm and keep the cold out. We take these features into consideration so that you can maintain your business in a healthy way. We also know that your employees in the project must have a good accommodation service in order to work efficiently. Karmod staff accommodation is always improving itself to serve the ultimate goal in your mind, namely, to finish the project with minimum cost, in an innovative way. We are constantly developing new technologies and new ideas and applying them to our work while keeping the fact that they are very cost effective. We guarantee that we can provide more than you expect from other prefab buildings.

Karmod Staff Accommodation Buildings

As Karmod, we have a wide range of products in line with your needs. All our builds comply with quality standards, and we test our products for compatibility together through our customer relations. Production of modular staff accommodation camps is off-site. When it is ready for use, it is transported to the desired location and delivered there ready for use. Our modular camp structures are a cost-effective solution, as accommodation conditions do not allow constructing traditional-style buildings in every environment. Our modular structures have many advantages besides their affordable cost. It can be used even in harsh conditions, reducing environmental impact. Thanks to its flexibility, it allows it to be used at the desired scale. It is long lasting and therefore reusable. It can even be reshaped later on as needed.

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