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Prefabricated Hotel 348 m²

  • Height 5,2 m
  • Depth 11,49 m
  • Width 15,16
  • M2 348 m²
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For over 36 years, as Karmod, we have been continuously developing ourselves to become one of the leading prefabricated buildings provider in the industry. We work with utmost efficiency and always search for new technologies to implement in all of our services. Not only that, we also design our products to be in line with our customers’ needs. All of our products are manufactured specially to provide you with the most affordable, practical, efficient, reliable, sustainable and affordable accommodation solution you can find today. One of the reasons why we are successful at what we do is, As Karmod, we merge innovation with practicality and empathize with our customers thus establishing a mutally respected relationship.


Practical and Efficient Prefabricated Hotel Solutions

Modularity of hotels can be a must-have especially if there are requirements of hotels in seasonal touristic areas. There could always be a need for quick prefabricated hotel solutions in touristic areas because of the early opening of the holiday season, touristic places located in difficult terrain, etc. That is why, we, as Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, design and provide the best prefabricated hotel solutions that are available in the market today. All of our products, including prefabricated hotels, are designed to be sturdy, affordable, portable, sustainable, reliable and fully customizable. Meaning they are designed to endure the harshest weather conditions and proceed to operate on any kind of terrain, they are made to operate for a lifetime without a worry, they can be placed from one place to another with ease without the requirements of any kind of power-tools and heavy-machinery, they can be customized before the delivery and still be considerably cheaper than any other prefabricated hotel solutions available today and especially traditionally made buildings.


Next-Generation Prefabricated Hotels for Holiday Resorts

Stunning prefabricated hotel rooms and modular hotel rooms are available on Karmod in various styles and  motel designs to suit unique tastes. Fully customizability feature of our Prefabricated Hotel Rooms - Modular Rooms & Units, adds uniqueness to their exterior and interior. Not only that, our prefabricated hotel buildings also have great insulation systems which saves the buyer from excessive heating bills as well as providing a comfortable accommodation experience. All of our prefabricated hotel designs are manufactured in line with our customers’ needs. For more information about our prefabricated hotels or other modular building products, do not hesitate to contact us so we can find the best deal for you.

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