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Man Camp Buildings and Remote Workforce Housing

Karmod Modular Buildings is the world’s largest provider of modular buildings for workforce housing and camp systems. Since opening our doors in 1986, the hard-working team at Karmod has engineered and manufactured more than 1,000 modular buildings used in more than 120 countries around the world.

One of the big challenges for oil field development is providing living quarters for the workforce in undeveloped remote locations. Karmod Modular Buildings provides the ideal solution with custom-engineered modular man camp buildings. Our buildings can be designed, constructed, and deployed quickly and efficiently to help you get your operations up and running fast. Man camp buildings can easily be removed and installed at another site while leaving a minimal environmental impact. Karmod Man Camp, the leader in oilfield Karmod & Oil field housing has the right options, amenities, and access to the housing you want at an affordable price. 

Man Camp Buildings Projects

Comfortable Camp Accommodations: Enjoy the benefits of industrial strength housing, lower energy costs, and the comforts of home with our modular housing solutions. For long-term developments, these economy-of-scale facilities are built to need and are completely customizable for all your project’s unique requirements. Large or small, the modular housing option allows your employees to feel right at home with temperature control thermostats, spacious living areas, large storage closets, soft mattresses, and a television per room. Employees will be rested, content, and ready to perform their best. The various advantages of modular housing will guarantee your employees are well taken care of.

Our modular man camp buildings provide the most cost-effective and versatile solution to house remote site workers.

World Best Modular Man Camp Buildings

The biggest challenge for oil field development is providing workforce housing in undeveloped remote locations. Karmod prefabricated modular man camp buildings provide the best solution with pre-engineered modular man camp buildings. Our buildings are designed, produced, and deployed quickly and efficiently to help you get your operations up and running fast. Karmod offers modular accommodations for any camp layout. Any camp can be modified and built specifically for your needs.


With a vast experience of more than 34 years, Karmod markets include all modular lodging projects, commercial modular buildings, modular hospitals, modular school buildings, prefab retirement homes,  prefabricated modular buildings, offices, and remote housing needs. Modular buildings can be easily removed and installed at another site while leaving a minimal environmental impact.

Karmod prefabricated technologies provide as much space as needed with its modular buildings used as living quarters, commercial kitchens, dining facilities, laundry, recreation facilities, office, and administration space. We have experience building camps for anywhere from 24-50 people up to more than 2000 workers. Modular Man camp building facilities can easily be expanded with additional buildings to meet operational needs.

Our prefab modular buildings feature bedrooms and private washrooms with fast production, high-quality finishes, good heat and thermal insulation, and world-class amenities like commercial kitchens and dining, recreation facilities, and entertainment lounges. Our modular man camp buildings provide the most cost-effective and flexible solution to accommodate remote site workers.


Modular Buildings for Workforce Housing

Karmod’s large-scale remote housing facilities offer maximum durability, efficient design, and excellent living accommodations and can be built quickly as single or multi-level building structures. Constructing major breakthroughs in speed to market, quality construction, risk reduction, and profitability for Workforce Housing complexes.

If you are looking for affordable workforce housing, whether temporary or permanent, you are in the right place. Karmod manufactures commercial modular buildings and dormitory buildings that can be used for many different purposes.

We proudly serve a wide range of industries and sectors, with a distinguished ability to design and completely customize workforce solutions and modular buildings to meet the needs of your specific project for Mining and Oil Camp Housing, Man Camp Housing, Workforce Housing, Industrial Housing.

Generally, Oil and Mining companies work in some of the world's most remote areas. Setting up a successful mining or oil camp can be a challenging task. As Karmod modular solutions, we meet all requirements of the oil and mining industry which has a need for temporary/permanent encampments that can be quickly erected and are able to provide safe, durable housing, office, and other social facility buildings.

Prefabricated modular buildings: Quality Living for Your Staff

Karmod Portable Buildings are well-known in the oilfield and business industry.  We have executed several modular Man Camp Housing & Oil Field Housing projects in remote places from all over the world. Our quick to build modular structures will significantly increase the productivity of your employees. Many big companies have chosen Karmod for the development and installation of all kinds of Modular man camp buildings. We have years of accumulated experience creating environments in which workers feel close to home. We believe this is integral to the success of any remote operation and have focused our business around creating the best temporary buildings available in the industry.

Modular accommodations to your requirements for Prefab Man camps and Worker Housing. Karmod panelized modular structures can be transported by trucks or shipped by vessels in large quantities to Europe, Africa, and America, and any other part of the world. to virtually any major port worldwide. Delivered about 60% complete, these prefabricated buildings can be quickly erected and be operational in a very short period of time.

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