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Flat Pack Container K 2004

  • Height 2,64 m
  • Depth 2,3 m
  • Width 5,97 m
  • M2 13,7 m²
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Flat Pack Container Buildings

Flat pack containers are often built at the factory with all the components included in their construction. They are then delivered to the field ready to be grouped together. Because most construction work is done in a factory, bad weather cannot delay the work, making it a productive method. It is also much cheaper than conventional construction and can incorporate many eco-friendly features. Whether you want to build a rural school, clinic or library, private construction or mining or exploration camp with houses and offices, accommodation, storage, sleeping, ablution, food, laundry, Karmod flat pack containers fulfill all your special needs. Karmod flat pack container is an accommodation unit with very good heat and sound insulation, designed to be used even in the most remote areas above and below ground. Having standard insulation materials, Karmod containers can be insulated with different methods according to customer demand. Its assembly is simple and is delivered ready to use. Flat pack container buildings are multipurpose buildings that can be used in worksites as a dormitory, mess hall or office. It is easy in install and moveable.


Costimized Flat Pack Containers

Karmod offers customized products that can be used in all conditions around the world. Karmod modular solutions are also widely used by private and public companies for temporary or permanent, easy-to-install workspaces, infrastructure buildings and other construction applications.As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we have been offering countless products that have made many of our customers homeowners and help projects come to life for more than 30 years, with our experienced staff and our determination to maintain our place in the top row.


Karmod Flat Pack Conatiner Buildings

As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we encourage innovation and new ideas in our workplace to improve our services and design new technology prefabricated structures for our customers. Our expert research and development team is dedicated to researching the new technologies this era has to offer and implementing them in our services. We believe that one of the main reasons for our success is the mutual respect we have maintained over the years among our customers. As Karmod, we take all kinds of human and environmental precautions in a way that will not disturb our environment, even in an operation as small as building a cabin. Karmod offers a wide range of modular units that have been optimized for use in many different applications. Our engineers work with the best materials to meet your specific needs.

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