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130 m2 Prefabricated House

  • Saloon 25 m²
  • Bedroom 18 m²
  • Kitchen 11 m²
  • Bathroom 4,5 m²
  • Bedroom 11 m²
  • Bal 5 m²
  • Entrance 4,5 m²
  • Hall 6 m²
  • Bedroom 13,5 m²
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It Has Never Been Easier To Get A Luxurious House With Karmod Double Storey Prefab Houses

As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we have been manufacturing and designing state-of-the-art housing solutions that are available to everyone. For over 36 years, we have developed our way of service as well as our accommodation solutions. From double storey prefab houses and modular homes to prefab offices and security huts, our wide variety of housing options are made to assist you in every occasion and provide you with the most practical, affordable and comfortable housing experience possible. All of our housing options are also manufactured and designed in our factories and delivered to you in a short amount of time, wherever you are.

Next Generation Housing, Karmod Double Storey Prefab Houses

Karmod Double Storey Prefab Houses are designed specifically to provide our customers with the most comfortable, affordable and reliable housing experience. They can also be installed very quickly compared to traditionally erected structures. Our double storey prefab houses do not produce any kind of waste or cause disturbance around the installation area. The whole installation process is done by our professional team present at the location before the delivery. Because of the snap-on bolt-nut system they are equipped with, no excessive workforce is required to completely erect our double storey prefab houses. Karmod Double Storey Prefab Houses are also very sturdy, practical, affordable, portable, sustainable, customizable and reliable. Meaning, they can withstand harshest weather conditions and be installed on almost any kind of terrain, they can be placed from one place to another without requiring a lot of workforce or heavy machinery, they can be used for a lifetime without a worry and show no signs of rot or other displeasing stains that can be caused by aging, they can be fully customized before the delivery and still have a considerably lower price tag compared to other double storey prefab houses available on the market.

Karmod Double Storey Prefab Houses are Available for Everyone

Karmod Double storey Prefab Houses With Balcony merges innovation and luxury with practicality and affordability. That is why they are one of the most preferred accommodation solution among our wide variety of options. More than that, because of their practicality and affordability, they are especially preferred when compared to traditionally made buildings. To view information, specifications, and floor plans for our double storey collection of prefab houses with balcony from Karmod modular building systems, please contact us.

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