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Twin Refugee House

  • Bedroom 9.145 m² (x2)
  • Bathroom 3,376 m² (x2)
  • Living Room 16.311 m² (x2)
  • Hall 3.339 m² (x2)
  • Lenght 8.885 m
  • Width 7.730 m
  • Height 2.500 m
  • M2 69 m²
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Affordable and High Quality: Karmod's Dual Refugee Accommodation Solution

Karmod offers an affordable and high-quality solution for refugee and emergency lodging needs with its 69 m² Dual Married Prefabricated Refugee Accommodation. These innovative prefabricated homes prioritize cost-effectiveness while providing a fast and secure living space. Equipped with high insulation features and energy efficiency, Karmod's model offers comfortable living in all seasons to its users. Ideal for governments, aid organizations, and individuals looking for economical solutions, this dual accommodation unit stands out with Karmod quality.

Quick Installation, Long-Term Comfort: Karmod's Dual Refugee Homes

Karmod's Dual Married Prefabricated Refugee Accommodation solution, covering an area of 69 m², offers a fast and practical assembly process. These modular structures stand out with their quick installation feature, critical in meeting emergency lodging needs. Karmod ensures projects are quickly realized with innovative production techniques and experienced assembly teams. Known as a reliable company, Karmod has created a global network of satisfaction and trust with references in 135 countries. The dual refugee homes are a reliable and comfortable option for anyone seeking permanent and temporary lodging solutions.

Dual Refugee Accommodation with Karmod Assurance: A Globally Preferred Brand

With its Dual Married Prefabricated Refugee Accommodation unit, Karmod carries the responsibility of being a globally preferred brand. These 69 m² prefabricated homes are designed to meet the needs and expectations of users, aiming to offer a healthy and peaceful living space with high-quality materials and a modern design approach. Karmod is a reliable partner for governments, aid organizations, and individuals seeking emergency lodging solutions. With references in 135 countries, Karmod is an industry leader in quality, speed, and customer satisfaction.

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