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2-Room Refugee House

  • Bedroom 11,511 m²
  • Bathroom 3,376 m²
  • Living Room 13,864 m²
  • Hall 3,376 m²
  • Lenght 8.885 m
  • Width 3.965 m
  • Height 2.500 m
  • M2 35 m²
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Affordable and High Quality: Karmod's 2-Room Refugee Family Home Solution

Karmod offers an affordable and high-quality solution for emergency lodging needs with its 35 m² 2-Room Refugee Family Home. This economical accommodation option is designed to meet the rapidly increasing needs of refugee families and individuals requiring temporary lodging. Karmod's model provides a long-lasting and durable living space without compromising quality for cost-effectiveness. Equipped with high insulation features, this prefabricated home maximizes energy efficiency and offers comfortable living in all seasons.

Fast Production and Assembly: Immediate Accommodation with Karmod's Effective Solution

Karmod's 2-Room Refugee Family Home provides an instant solution to emergency lodging needs, thanks to its fast production and assembly processes. This 35 m² modular structure can be quickly prepared and easily assembled, making Karmod a preferred brand during crisis times. Known as a reliable company, Karmod has created a global network of trust and satisfaction with references in 135 countries. Its capability for rapid production and assembly is a valuable advantage for institutions and individuals opting for Karmod's refugee and temporary lodging solutions.

Comfortable Living and a Trusted Brand: Karmod's Refugee Homes

Karmod not only offers a quick and economical lodging solution with its 2-Room Refugee Family Home but also provides a comfortable and safe living space. This 35 m² prefabricated home is designed considering the privacy and comfort needs of refugee families and individuals in need of temporary shelter. With high-quality materials and a modern design approach, Karmod aims to offer its users a healthy and peaceful living space. Bearing the responsibility of being the most preferred brand, Karmod's refugee homes are a trusted shelter solution worldwide.

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