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Construction Site Cabins 736 m²

  • Height 5,2 m
  • Depth 12,75 m
  • Width 28,97 m
  • M2 736 m²
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Construction Site Cabins & Site Accomodation

Construction site cabins are accommodation units produced with prefabricated construction methods. Modular site accommodation consists of units that are produced efficiently in the factory environment and assembled according to needs. You can also think of a construction unit as a lego to be used in the last building. Prefab houses have a wide range of customization for everyone. You can choose indoor and outdoor plans and determine your design according to your needs. Prefabricated construction site cabins and site accommodation are in many ways the ideal solution for your facility. If you need a temporary space solution for your facility to accommodate your employees, it is advantageous to choose modular units. Its standardized design has all the units a site cabin needs. The project plan may vary depending on the number of people you need to host, and in some cases the intended use also shapes the plan.


Flexible and Affordable Prefabricated Site Cabins

The accommodation units required by a facility are different from each other. The needs of the facility may vary according to the industry in which it is located and the size of the project. For this reason, the units needed in it are also different. Prefabricated construction site cabins are produced specially according to needs. The units where the workers are accommodated are much more than an ordinary accommodation unit. Labor productivity is affected not only by the working conditions of the workers, but also by the places they stay. For this reason, they need to spend time comfortably not only when they work, but also when they rest. Karmod construction site cabins are units that will increase your workforce efficiency and provide comfortable accommodation for workers.


Multi-Purpose Karmod Site Accomodation

The site accommodation is not only an area where workers rest during non-working times, but also an area where they socialize. Flexible and affordable, temporary and permanent modular solutions for industries such as commercial meet the accommodation needs of workers. Environmentally friendly buildings are a trend that has been increasing in popularity recently. Modular structures are environmentally friendly and do not leave any traces in nature during construction. Construction site cabins & site accomodation are a great option for large construction sites and we have a wide range available. As Karmod, we have been serving all over the world for more than 30 years. For a quality and environmentally friendly solution, choose Karmod construction site units.

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