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Mobile Restrooms

  • Height 2,25 m
  • Width 1,15 m
  • Depth 1,12 m
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The Best Chemical Toilets In The World

As one of the world's top providers of practical accommodations, we place a premium on complete client satisfaction in every product we develop and manufacture. As Karmod, we believe in the spirit of hard work and ingenuity when it comes to constructing the best possible accommodations for everyone. We develop and produce a variety of lodging options that are ideal for certain scenarios, ranging from portable chemical toilets and dining halls to prefabricated hospitals and modular residences. Furthermore, all of our practical accommodation options are made from the highest-quality materials accessible today. Before delivery, our high-tech GRP materials used in the manufacturing of our extensive range of practical lodging solutions are examined and tested.


Sanitary Is The Key With Karmod Chemical Toilets

When starting a project of any magnitude, we realize how difficult it can be to find the right on-site utilities. If the project or operation demands a lot of heavy lifting, finding a decent on-site utility, like as a portable chemical toilet, might be extremely difficult. As a result, we place a premium on the durability of our goods, which must function in every situation. These high-quality on-site utilities also include our portable chemical toilets. Karmod Portable Chemical Toilets are sustainable, dependable, inexpensive, flexible, and durable on-site utilities. They can work on any surface and withstand the most extreme weather conditions, as well as man-made or natural calamities, They can be easily moved from one location to another without the use of a large number of people or heavy machinery, they can run for a long time with little maintenance, they can be fully customized before delivery, and they are significantly less expensive than other portable chemical toilet units on the market or traditionally made on-site utility units.


Sturdy and Sustainable Chemical Toilets

Our Portable chemical toilet units offer the comfort of a bathroom on-site, with chemical toilet & sink facilities a quick solution for different applications. They are truly the optimal solution in terms of an ideal on-site utility. Karmod Portable Chemical Toilet and Plastic Chemical Toilet For Sale are manufactured in a professional factory setting and delivered to you via sea or land transportation systems in a short span of time. As Karmod, we are able to complete multiple deliveries simultaneously all across the world. This allowed us to deliver on-time with consistency. For more information about our chemical toilets and other on-site utilities, please contact us.

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