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Mobile toilets are portable modular products that can be used for all kinds of temporary WC building needs such as worker camps in remote areas. They can also be used permanently in various areas such as picnic areas, public areas, mosques, meetings, international fairs, sports competitions. Whether it is an open or closed area does not differ for the use of mobile toilets. If you need a toilet in a remote area or in areas where there is no plumbing, portable toilets are the ideal solution for you. It is also very easy to transport the structures produced in a controlled manner under factory conditions. It is delivered ready to use and offers a long-lasting user experience. Although portable toilet and portable shower are portable, they can also be used for permanent purposes. It is usually used for temporary purposes because it is delivered quickly and ready for use.

Mobile Toiets

There are different types of mobile toilets:

  • Polyester mobile toilets
  • Panel system cabin wc
  • container wc
  • metropolitan toilet

All of our cabins can be produced as single, multiple, separate or combined. We have standard size cabins and personalized cabins that you can choose. Our standard products are products that have proven their quality in their fields. It is resistant to adverse weather conditions and easy to maintain. You can easily move it to another location within your facility at any time and integrate it with your existing structures. However, we can also design different portable toilets in special sizes according to your needs. Our WC products specially designed for the disabled are of very high quality. All Karmod toilets you purchase are delivered ready to use. We ship electrical and water installations in such a way that they can be connected to the main grids, thereby increasing their availability.


Why should you choose portable toilets?

There are many reasons to prefer mobile toilets over reinforced concrete toilet buildings. First of all, these buildings are manufactured in factory conditions in a controlled manner. So you don't need a construction site to build them. Even this feature alone provides significant cost savings. Factory production uses the material more efficiently and avoids waste. It is also very easy to install and requires very little labor. The manufacturer produces mobile toilets as modules in a factory. These modules are assembled at the delivery location and delivered to you ready to use. In other words, there is nothing to bother you during the construction process. It is easily transported and easily installed. You can buy your portable toilet products and start using them immediately after they are delivered to you. The most important reason why modular toilets are preferred is undoubtedly their price. Reinforced concrete buildings take a very long time and can be very expensive. You can save money by choosing portable toilets instead of spending a big budget on traditional buildings. Regardless of the characteristics of your facility, mobile toilets are your ideal solution. When you need a toilet urgently, it is not possible to provide it with traditional methods. Even if you have a traditional toilet structure, it is very difficult to connect the installation in a short time. However, portable toilet and portable shower are produced quickly and delivered quickly.

In the modern age we live in, our environment, our world and our future are under threat. Due to environmental pollution, air pollution, unbalanced consumption increase, and not paying attention to recycling activities, the damage we do to the environment is increasing day by day. For these reasons, we should take care to use environmentally friendly products that minimize the damage we cause to the environment. Modular structures are much more environmentally friendly than traditional structures. They are also mostly recyclable products.

You may think that modular buildings are not as durable as reinforced concrete buildings. But this is a completely wrong idea. With new production methods, new modular structures can be much more durable than traditional structures. As Karmod, we use CTP to increase the durability of our products. We produce more durable and long-lasting portable toilets. If you are looking for portable toilets for sale, Karmod will be the best choice for you. Please contact us for detailed information about our products.

Container homesaffordable housingmobile homes and our products are durable and offer a long lasting user experience.

Leader in Mobile Toilet Production

Karmod is a leading company that produces modular structures. Karmod's modular cabins are used for a wide variety of purposes in more than 130 countries around the world. As Karmod, we adopt environmentally friendly production methods. Because we care about our world and our next generation, and we are taking important steps in this regard. While producing our buildings, we take care to minimize the damage we cause to our world. You can contact us for mobile toilets and mobile showers for sale.

Karmod mobile toilets are preferred in many sectors around the world. One of the most preferred industries is the worker camps in the construction sector. For projects in remote areas, buildings are needed for accommodation and other requirements. Dining halls, dormitories, toilets, showers, work offices, toilets, kitchens and other basic needs should be durable, useful, economical and environmentally friendly buildings. Only modular buildings are structures that can meet all these needs.

 It is unnecessary and expensive to prefer structures built with traditional methods. Because they are permanent structures, and they are not built in accordance with temporary building needs. Also, construction times can be very long and therefore more likely to be affected by volatile economic conditions. However, with prefabricated building technology, you can have buildings that can accommodate thousands of people in a short time. Mobile toilets are the best choice for these labor camps. You can move them wherever you want whenever you want. It can be separate buildings if desired, or combined structures if you wish. You can easily integrate it with your existing buildings and move it to another location when necessary.

Karmod Mobile Toilet Technical Specifications

Karmod mobile toilets are suitable for use in all regions, all seasons and in all climatic conditions. Thanks to its durable material, it is resistant to adverse weather conditions and is easy to maintain. Our toilet cabin products have washable and wipeable inner and outer surfaces. The floor covering and doors are very durable and of high quality. Roofing materials are sealed and insulated. The paint we use in our portable toilets is UV resistant gelcoat. Galvanized profile chassis is used. We use polyurethane foam with flammability class B. Vitrified, clean water pipes and waste water pipes are TSE certified. Clean water pipes are PPRC. Waste water pipes are PVC featured. All our toilet units are ready to use, from sink, bidet nozzle, towel holder, soap dispenser to mirror. There are feet under our portable toilet product that enable it to be transported by forklift or pallet truck in cases where it is not possible to load with a crane.

As Karmod, we understand your needs and work with our customers at every stage from design to delivery. With more than 30 years of experience in the sector, we serve you in projects all over the world. We can deliver mobile toilets for you anywhere in the world. Mobile toilets for sale are preferred all over the world from America to Europe. Please contact us for detailed information about all our products.