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Small Recreation Building

  • Lenght 21.435 m
  • Width 8.985 m
  • Height 2.500 m
  • M2 193 m²
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Maximum Comfort at an Affordable Price: Karmod's Small Rest Unit

Karmod offers an affordable and high-quality solution with its 88 m² Prefabricated Recreation Building, designed to meet the needs of communities for intimate and flexible recreation areas. This small modular recreation building provides a quick and effective rest area, enhancing the comfort and quality of life for users. With its high insulation properties for energy savings, this structure becomes the top choice for every community. Karmod creates accessible rest and recreation areas with its affordable and quality solutions.

Quick Installation, Long Life: The Advantage of Karmod's Recreation Building

Karmod's 88 m² Small Rest Unit offers practical solutions to communities' recreation needs with fast production and assembly processes. This modular recreation building can be quickly installed and made ready for immediate use, allowing communities to swiftly access their rest and recreation areas. As a reliable company, Karmod holds a leading position in the global market with references in 135 countries. This prefabricated recreation building stands out for its durability and long-term use, adapting to the constantly changing needs of communities.

Quality Material, Flexible Design: Karmod's Small Recreation Building

Karmod's Small Rest Unit, with its 88 m² spacious area and flexible design, offers an ideal recreation space for all types of communities. Equipped with high-quality materials and a user-friendly design approach, this modular recreation building provides a comfortable and enjoyable rest environment for users. As the most preferred brand, Karmod enhances the quality and image of your recreation projects. This prefabricated recreation building solution offers an excellent starting point to meet the rest and entertainment needs of communities, exceeding expectations with its flexible usage possibilities.

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