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Portable Cabin 390 x 1230

  • Height 2,8 m
  • Depth 3,9 m
  • Width 12,3 m
  • Weight 2.450 kg
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Increase The Safety of You and Your Employees With Karmod Prefab Guard Shacks

As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we have been developing ourselves, our products and our way of service for over 36 years. For a long time, we have been implementing the newest technologies in our products to merge innovation with practicality. Our wide variety of practical accommodation solutions are especially designed and manufactured in-line with our customers’ needs. More than that, we produce wide variety of accommodation solutions that can be used for various purposes such as, prefab guard shacks, dining halls, prefab offices, modular homes and many more. You can have your dream house with Karmod or have affordable and high-quality on-site utilities for your project or operation. 

Protection is the Key with Karmod Prefab Guard Shacks

When starting out a project or an operation of any size, it is vital to have certain on-site utilities to provide everyone a comfortable working space. These on-site utilities can range from WC units to prefab guard shacks. However, finding the highest-quality prefab guard shacks or other on-site utilities can be tricky as companies often sacrifice quality to make their products more practical. With Karmod Prefab Guard Shacks, that is not the case. As Karmod, we design and manufacture our prefab guard shacks using the highest-quality materials and attach great importance to emphasizing with our customers during the design process which is done in a professional factory setting. After this process, Karmod Prefab Guard Shacks are prepared to be delivered to the desired location via sea or land transportation systems. We are able to do multiple deliveries simultaneously thanks to our professional staff. After the delivery, Karmod Prefab Guard Shacks are installed on-site by our experienced staff already present at the location. Karmod Prefab Guard Shacks do not produce any waste or cause disturbance around the area as they do not need excessive workforce or heavy machinery to be fully erected. After that, they are installed in a short amount of time depending on the magnitude of the product. 

Extra Sturdy Guard Shacks

Our Prefab Guard Shacks are designed to operate in any condition. Karmod’s 390x1230m size modular fiberglass prefabricated security guard shack can be used as guard houses, boths and prefab shack buildings. More than that, our Prefab Guard Shacks and Prefab Security Buildings are equipped with necessary tools to withstand natura lor man-made disasters. For more information about our prefab guard shacks and other practical accommodation solutions, please contact us.

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