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Portable Cabin 390 x 870

  • Height 2,8 m
  • Depth 3,9 m
  • Width 8,70 m
  • Weight 2.000 kg
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Portable Homeless Shelter | Refugee Shelters

Portable shelters are not only a cheaper option for the city, they are also safer. Recent social housing projects show how affordable prefabricated structures can deal with homelessness. Construction in a factory setting allows homes to be built faster and at a lower cost. At the same time, these structures can also be produced in bulk to the same standard. Temporary solutions may be required for a more dignified life in the displaced situation. Quality shelters for the homeless are possible with portable shelters. 

Portable Shelters for Homeless and Refugees

Karmod helps homeless individuals and families relocate to temporary and permanent residences. At the same time, portable shelters can be easily designed and designed to meet the needs of any industry. Temporary shelters are not just a need for the homeless. It is occurring with increasing frequency from day to day. Many lives are lost in disasters, and those affected may need temporary shelters. In addition, disasters cause many physical, economic and environmental problems. Causes structural damage to people's living spaces. Victims whose homes have become unusable have to leave their homes. Helping hundreds of people who have left their homes and finding portable shelters raises the problem of “Emergency Shelters for the Homeless, Emergency Housing after a disaster”. Meeting the sheltering problem of disaster victims also forms the basis of post-disaster work and emergency shelter and shelter solutions. These Portable shelters are providing quick solutions as an emergency units for disaster relief and homeless, refugee shelters, modular shelter housing.

Karmod Portable Shelters

Accommodation after a disaster or emergency is a complex process consisting of recovery and reconstruction phases. This process starts from the onset of the disaster and continues until the establishment of people's living standards in the pre-disaster period. Post-disaster recovery and post-emergency processes vary according to the physical dimension of the event. In this period, the post-disaster portable shelter needs of the disaster victims are generally met with temporary shelters in the process from the emergency shelters at the emergency aid stage to the delivery of permanent residences. Portable shelters of a world brand Karmod is the best in its field. The main purpose of the emergency shelter and shelter processes is to restore the living conditions of the disaster victims after the disaster. Portable shelters are also used for refugees. Temporary structures are generally built in refugee camps. Refugee shelters are also one of the products preferred in the camps

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