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City Containers 200 x 200

  • Height 2.75 m
  • Depth 2 m
  • Width 2 m
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Portable Kiosk Versatile Modular Portable Kiosks

Modular kiosks are produced with modern technology and advanced control mechanisms. The material used is very durable and every stage of production is supervised by our expert teams. Specially produced materials are used to provide maximum insulation. While providing ease of use, thermal insulation also increases its sustainability. Its demountable structure makes it easy to transport the kiosks to the desired location and its portability is not only a convenience feature during delivery. When you receive the product, you can change its location or customize it according to your own wishes.

Customized Portable Kiosks

With its superior features, detailed solutions, economical prices and high quality, Karmod modular kiosks are preferred in many areas. Coffee kiosks, food kiosks, site offices, market unit kiosks, portable toilet kiosks and shower cabins and many more products are available in our wide product catalog. We are a leading manufacturer of prefabricated buildings such as affordable housing, mobile homes and mobile toilets. You can find the modular kiosk solution you need for every location and project at Karmod. Perfect portable kiosks specialises in the supply of secure and easy-to-install modular kiosks, including shops, security kiosks and ticket.

Karmod Modular Portable Kiosks

We are the leading fiberglass cabinet and retail kiosk manufacturer in Turkey and Europe. Founded in 1986, Karmod offers special kiosks designed and manufactured according to the special needs of its customers. The modular units are portable and fully customizable, making them ideal anywhere and for any purpose. Tell us the product you need and we will create a suitable solution for you. Robust, safe and versatile, our fiberglass cabinets offer flexible modular space solutions where every unit is branded and customized to fit any requirement. Wherever you are, modular kiosks are easily transported and delivered ready to use. Our standard products are planned to meet the needs of our customers. But if you need a personalized kiosk, contact us and we'll create the right solution for you. Our products are resistant to adverse weather conditions and provide a long-lasting user experience. Although it is usually used for temporary purposes, you can use it for a long time without changing its location or moving it to another place. Then you can change the interior design according to your needs or wishes. When your project is finished, you can move it to any place you want to use in other projects and use it safely at any location. You can move the kiosks to different points in your facility and integrate them with your other buildings when necessary.

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