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In the age we live in, it is predictable that the need for housing has become the subject of mobility, especially during this period when the mobile version of everything is spoken. Mobile homes resemble a caravan at first glance and remind of such a lifestyle. But they can actually respond to a wide variety of needs. The increasing pace of life with the development of technology enables people to produce practical solutions for daily life. Users prefer easy-to-use products that save time in every area, from furniture to electrical appliances, from personal belongings to technological accessories. This situation affects the architecture and decoration sector very closely. Karmod Mobile homes are one of the products of this modern thought.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are prefabricated or manufactured structures that people live in, generally staying in one place but also they are able to be moved by a vehicle or even by its own engine. They are defined as portable living spaces that can be installed and removed at any time. Karmod Mobile homes are designed with portability feature, allowing them to be transported from one place to another. They can be used as permanent homes or for temporary accommodation.

What are The Advantages of Mobile Homes For Sale?

There are so many advantages of buying a mobile home. One of them is their affordability compared to stick built homes. If you have a place for a stick built home and can’t afford a new one now, you can buy from mobile homes for sale and easily remove it in the future.

Another advantage you might find with mobile homes is their flexibility. Once mobile homes are set up, they can be moved easier than a stick built home. When you buy one of residential mobile homes for sale you spend less money in any way. So you can use your remaining money for the customization of your mobile home.

Mobile homes are pretty popular in so many places. They are used in different purposes all around the world; campgrounds in preference to large tents, fixed caravans etc. by renting for a week or different periods of stay as cheap accommodation.

Affordable housingmobile toilets and portable buildings are some of the products used in different fields.

Are Mobile Homes Safe in Long Term Usage?

Mobile homes are especially preferred for vacation and temporary usage, because they are cheaper, more aesthetic and useful, and they can be built more easily. But when it comes to long occupation periods, people might think that quality of mobile homes isn’t good enough for bad weather conditions. They can think that they will blown away at tornado or etc. However, this claim is not true at all. Because during the recent years construction products are made of much higher quality materials. So, we can say that there is no difference in when it comes to insulation quality and harsh weather durability between residential mobile homes and stick built homes.

Mobile Homes

What are Mobile Homes?

As technology changes, current methods in so many industry changes too. Mobile homes, which are the products of new technology, are being considered as the architectural structures and new living spaces of the future. People do not want to live crowded, among the gray clouds, narrow and boring places. But also we have to live in cities. Not everyone has the opportunity to live outside of a city or in more rural areas. These homes offer you useful, more eco-friendly and economic living areas in cities. You do not need to have a construction site area to build your house. The design of your house can be done with a computer and it can be produced in a factory. After it is produced, it is dispatched to your desired location as modules. Our teams install your house for you and they deliver your house to you as ready for use. So who are we?

We are a company that produces modular buildings. There are prefabricated or container buildings and modular cabins among these portable buildings. We have standard size buildings, also we can produce customized buildings for you. For more information about commercial or residential mobile homes for sale, you can contact us.

How Much are Mobile Homes?

One of the biggest advantages of mobile homes are their prices. They are much more economic than reinforced concrete buildings, because these modular buildings do not cost as much as traditional reinforced concrete buildings. There are worker costs, construction site area costs and so many various costs in traditional buildings. But modular buildings does not have any of these because they are produced in a factory. This means, the chance of an occupational accident happening is less. Also waste of raw materials is less too. Because they are designed with computer aided programs, the error rate is also much less than normal buildings.

If you want to have economic living areas, mobile homes are the best option for you. If all these information about mobile homes confuse you, you can contact us. For detailed price information, you should contact us as the prices may differ according to your wish and demand.

How Much do Mobile Homes Depreciate Each Year?

It is hard to answer exactly how much these houses depreciate as the years pass. Because it may differ again according to the product you prefer. But all Karmod products are produced with excellent snow load and wind speed values. The materials we use for our buildings are certified and guaranteed. Our buildings offer you high insulation performance. Because of that, we work with so many different construction companies. They are preferred as construction site buildings, mobilization buildings and worker camp buildings for remote areas.

Mobile Homes 1

In Which Areas are Mobile Homes Mostly Preferred?

Because mobile homes are portable, they can be used in different areas with different purposes. Karmod buildings can be used for more than one project with their durable structures. For this reason, people can sell their mobile products after they use. Companies that need used buildings can buy your used mobile houses to avoid excessive expenses.

Where to Buy Used Mobile Homes?

As Karmod, we design and produce our own buildings. Modular building are very economic structures according to all type of buildings. So, you do not have to buy used mobile homes. You can buy new products instead of second hand at very economical prices. But again you can contact us for used mobile houses. We can help you about mobile homes for sale and mobile homes for rent.

If you wonder “mobile homes for sale near me”, contact Karmod. Karmod buildings are being used at more than 130 countries all around the world. We have offices in various parts of the world and we serve in all languages, allowing us to communicate directly with our customers across the world.

Reliable and Sustainable Mobile Homes

Besides all these features, Karmod Mobile Homes are also known for their reliability and sustainability. Their durability allows our mobile homes to be used for a lifetime and still be operational with the same performance present when they were first used. Not only in mobile homes, all of our products have these reliable and sustainable features such as; our affordable housing solutions and even in other fast aging products like mobile toilets. Our new mobile homes for sale however, attach another great feature into our already wide catalogue of products, the portability feature.


Karmod new mobile homes stand out with their portability as well as sustainability, reliability, durability, customizability and affordability. Meaning, our big or small mobile homes can be used for a lifetime without requiring special treatment when they malfunction which they rarely do, they are very reliable and will provide you with exactly what you need, they are able to withstand many harsh weather conditions as well as occupying most harsh terrain, they are also designed to endure any kind of human-made or natural disasters, they can be customized however our clients want and even carry your brand name or logo wherever they go while still being considerably cheaper than any other mobile home solutions available in market as well as traditionally made buildings. To conclude, cheap mobile homes are, by far, the best affordable, reliable and portable accommodation solution you can find in the market. With modernized design and innovative looks, they are preferred among many people across the globe. As Karmod, we value quality above all else and want to provide our customers with exactly what they need while still maintaining the mutual respect we have between them.