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28 m² Prefab Houses

  • Saloon 17 m²
  • Bathroom 3 m²
  • Patio 8 m²
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Affordability Is The Key With Karmod Prefab Houses

As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we have been developing ourselves and our wide array of practical accommodation units for over 36 years. We believe that our innovative, high-quality and cheap prefab houses, that are designed and manufactured in-line with our customers’ needs, are what made us thrive in this industry. That is why we always place great importance to customer satisfaction and always keep ourselves up-to-date with recent technologies to further improve and innovate our products. From cheap prefab houses and modular offices to practical kiosks and durable security guard shacks, our wide array of accommodation solutions are designed for specific purposes and provide more usefulness than what they are intended to be used.

Modern Prefab Houses, The Best Way To Escape The Noise

Our cheap prefab houses are designed specifically for you. They are the perfect solution to escape the noise and stress of crowded city life. With Karmod Cheap Prefab Houses, you can relax and spend a peaceful holiday or plan a long-term stay as, compared to traditionally made houses, our cheap prefab houses never corrode, decay or rot in any way. They are the optimal sturdy, customizable, affordable, portable, reliable and sustainable housing solution that can be installed and used everywhere. Meaning, they can be placed from one place to another with ease, they can have their entire interior, exterior and other parts fully customized on demand, they are made with highest-quality materials which allows them to endure harshest weather conditions as well as be installed on nearly every surface, they can be used for a lifetime without causing problems and still have a comparatively lower price tag compared to other cheap prefab houses and traditionally made buildings available on the market today. Karmod Cheap Prefab Houses can also be installed very easily in a short amount of time.

The Quickest and Cheapest Way To Be A Homeowner

Not only our cheap prefab houses can be installed very easily and cost very low, they also provide many advantages that traditionally made buildings generally lack. If you’re planning to build your own cheap prefab house, make it energy efficient & sustainable, cheap prefab houses are designed and manufactured just for you. Modern cheap houses that is perfectly tailored to you are manufactured using latest technologies and in a professional factory setting. For more information about our Cheap Prefab House, Beautiful Cheap Houses and other practical accommodation units, please contact us.


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