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96-Person Workers' Dormitory

  • Capacity 96 kişilik
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The Indispensable Choice for Large Projects: Karmod's 96-Person Worker Dormitory

Karmod, with its years of experience in the sector and innovative approach, presents its 513 m² dormitory model for 96 blue-collar workers. This high-capacity dormitory is designed to provide a comfortable, practical, and economical accommodation solution for your workers in large-scale projects. This model from Karmod stands out with its spacious interiors, high standard material quality, and durability. Produced with energy efficiency and sustainability principles in mind, our dormitory reduces your business's operational costs while increasing employee satisfaction. Maximize the efficiency of your projects and make a difference with Karmod quality.

Comfortable and Safe Worker Accommodation with Karmod

Karmod's 96-person worker dormitory offers comfort and security for your blue-collar workers. Every detail of this carefully designed model, considering your workers' needs and expectations, stands out with its spacious living areas and ergonomically designed furniture. Equipped with security systems, fire alarms, and emergency exits, our dormitory takes all necessary precautions to ensure your workers stay safe. Karmod, with its leading position in the sector, sets new standards in worker accommodation, offering solutions that will contribute to the success of your projects.

Economical and Flexible Worker Dormitory Solutions with Karmod Quality

Karmod's 96-person worker dormitory, built on a 513 m² area, offers economical and flexible accommodation solutions for your large projects. Its modular structure allows for easy expansion or relocation at any time, making this model especially ideal for long-term and dynamic projects. Karmod, with its high quality standards and customer-focused service approach, ranks among the best manufacturers in the sector. This superior quality dormitory offers cost-effective and long-term solutions to meet your worker accommodation needs.

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