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40 Student Dormitory

  • Capacity 40
  • Lenght 50.300 m
  • Width 12.750 m
  • Height 2.500 m
  • M2 641 m²
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Affordable Large Student Accommodation: Karmod's Modern Solution

Karmod offers affordable accommodation solutions with its spacious and modern 641 m², 40-Person Student Dormitory, designed to support academic achievement and communal living. This prefabricated student dormitory provides cost-effective solutions for educational institutions and students while offering quality living spaces. Equipped with high insulation features, this structure maximizes energy savings and provides a comfortable and sustainable living environment for students. Karmod efficiently meets the student accommodation needs of educational institutions with its affordable and quality solutions.

Quick Installation, Long-Term Comfort: The Advantage of Karmod's Student Dormitory

Karmod's 641 m², 40-Person Student Dormitory offers quick solutions to the urgent accommodation needs of educational institutions with its fast production and assembly processes. This modular dormitory building can be easily set up and immediately start offering a comfortable living space for students. As a reliable company, Karmod holds a leading position in the global market with references in 135 countries. This prefabricated student dormitory becomes a reliable partner for educational institutions' long-term accommodation solutions with its durability and long-lasting use.

High-Quality Living Spaces: Make a Difference in Education with Karmod's Student Dormitory

Karmod's 40-Person Student Dormitory offers a unique accommodation experience to students with its 641 m² large area and high-quality materials. This prefabricated dormitory can be customized to meet the needs of any educational institution, designed with a focus on student comfort and safety. As the most preferred brand, Karmod provides high-standard accommodation solutions in the education sector. This student dormitory guarantees the best lodging experience for institutions to offer their students, helping to make a difference in education.

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