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24-People Workers' Dormitory

  • Capacity 24 Person
  • Lenght 23.945 m
  • Width 10.240 m
  • Height 2.500 m
  • M2 232 m²
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Innovating Worker Accommodation with Karmod Quality: A 232 m² Dormitory for 24 People

Karmod, a leading name in the sector, introduces a groundbreaking approach to worker accommodation solutions. Our 232 m² dormitory for 24 blue-collar workers is a comfortable, practical, and economical lodging solution for your workforce. Every corner of this dormitory has been designed in accordance with Karmod's high-quality standards. Its spacious and airy living areas offer a comfortable life to your workers, even away from home. Surpassing industry standards in terms of energy efficiency and durability, this model helps you save costs in the long run. Maximize your investment with the Karmod brand and give your workers the value they deserve.

Economical and Comfortable Worker Dormitory Solutions with Karmod

Karmod's 232 m² dormitory for 24 workers offers top-level comfort and security for your blue-collar employees. Thanks to Karmod's innovation and quality-focused approach, every detail has been meticulously considered. With spacious rooms, ergonomic furniture, and modern social areas, you can meet all the needs of your workers. Moreover, the modular structure of this dormitory allows for customization according to your needs. Karmod's economical pricing policy enables you to achieve quality and comfort without straining your budget. The Karmod dormitory, preferred for its high satisfaction rates, offers permanent solutions to your worker accommodation problems.

High-Quality Worker Dormitory for 24 People from Industry Leader Karmod

Karmod reinforces its leading position in the sector with its high-quality and innovative products. The 232 m² dormitory for 24 workers is proof of this innovative approach. Produced using durable materials and superior construction techniques, this model offers a resilient accommodation solution that withstands all weather conditions and challenging working environments. Designed with your workers' safety and comfort in mind, this dormitory combines modern design and functionality. Karmod's high-quality worker dormitory will elevate your accommodation standards and contribute to the success of your projects.

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